So, President Obama Cannot Call A Black Woman “Best Looking”?

Spot Check: Controlling That Narrative About Beauty

I’m not the biggest fan of the man, based on his performance in office, but the shrieking and howling by the media is hilarious.

All I notice is that the biggest complainers of the President calling Kamala Harris, “The best-looking Attorney General in the country,” were white women in the media.

Folks, some people hate it when others are the center of attention. These white women, who claim to be feminists, but are really white women supremacists – in other words, everyone must worship them – just hate it when they are not the queen bees, beauty queens or objects of (sexual) attention for every man on the planet.

They complain too much about it for anyone to find them believable.

And it ain’t about sexism. That’s a phony cover. What actually made the comment objectionable for those white women complainers is that the President (who in their eyes is a black man) wasn’t doling out that delicious “Hotness Factor” to them. I can bet that if he said that about a white woman in the same position, none of these chicks would be whining about “sexism”.

He has, in fact, called Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “Cute“, and that was a while (months, maybe years) ago. Still haven’t heard a negative peep about it.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
The pictures speak for themselves.

Cause I’ve yet to see one of them get as bent out of shape and indignant when other men, celebrity or otherwise, talk about how they are the absolute finest women around. And that’s regardless of whether it is true or not about a particular white woman – as long as her hair is bleached blonde.

Jealousy doesn’t look good on these people.

Poor President Obama. He told the truth (from his perspective) about a black woman (yes, I know she’s mixed) and the liberals, progressives and feminists who are supposed to be his best buds turned on him.

Don’t forget now, the biggest group of voters who didn’t support Obama the second time around were white women, but you’ll never see that in the mainstream media. They have a narrative to push. I’m surprised they didn’t try to turn his complimentary remarks into hate speech – against them.

Well, I suppose it is, once the man uttered the word, “Best-looking”, they heard nothing else.

Ever see that kind of nonsense run amuck for any other group of people?

Yeah, yeah, I know all the parties in question are mixed, but I’m going with a bit of social grouping here. This is for when you ask yourself, Why does a very famous, incredibly powerful and wealthy black man have to apologize for calling a black woman good-looking?



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  1. Yet WW seem to think that they hold universal appeal to everyone, and act surprised when time and time again, they discover that they don’t.<<<This Jalimaster excellent

  2. “He approached the NOW (National Organization of Women) and they refused to consider his proposals or anything he had to say. He flatly called them a bunch of racists only concerned with the plight of white American women. Of course we as black women know that but it was interesting to hear it from another racial group.”

    A lot of non black non white people are finding out just what BP already knew.

    GoldenAh: I think what bothers me is why are people so caught up in having one view of white people. Why are they so mightily disappointed when they fall short of their expectations? Do they really believe the movies and TV shows? Do they really believe they are superhuman, super-nice and super-friendly to a fault? That’s just as bad as believing that all black people are criminals, thugs and sluts.

    Everybody is rather tribal and selfish, I don’t mad at any group about that. What I do get annoyed with is if other groups expect me to do something for them without that exchange called reciprocation, or people like to use black women for their “talking points”, but don’t actually care about our issues. I don’t want them to be my “spokesperson”. They need to shut it.

    So how’s it going, BWMM? Any projects you working on?

  3. 1. And if you notice, look at the kind of white women he appoints – like J. Napolitano, Hillary Clinton and those on the Supreme Court. Ugh. I suspect that is how he sees all of them: dumpy, dowdy and unattractive, but “capable”.
    They should be happy with that. That’s what they ascribe to in their brand of feminism.
    This made me chuckle. I would add Mary Jo White to that line up. She’s the new head of the SEC.
    As for white women, they’re simple acting out what they have been told in all forms of media. They are the best, most feminine etc. They furiously object when the narrative is changed so obviously Obama had to be criticized.
    My professor is well respected in his field. He has written books, done documentaries for HBO and had one of his films nominated for an academy award. His specialty is Chinese Immigration. This country has a terrible problem with Chinese human smuggling and part of that is the forced smuggling of girls to work in the sex trade. He approached the NOW (National Organization of Women) and they refused to consider his proposals or anything he had to say. He flatly called them a bunch of racists only concerned with the plight of white American women. Of course we as black women know that but it was interesting to hear it from another racial group.

    GoldenAh: “Women of color” are to serve as foot soldiers, brochure fillers and talking points. “Feminists” are concerned with white women becoming CEOs, board members, senators, and eventually president of the USA. They couldn’t care less about poor women of any race. And I suspect, because I’m willing to give some the benefit of the doubt, when they attempted to focus on “women of color” – the rank and file threw the same kind of hissy fit that happened with BO. It always has to be about them to the exclusion of all others.

    Umm, why is that professor surprised white women are racist? Have they been bamboozling people that well? Wow. And dang. Must be nice to be automatically regarded as innocent, pure, sweet and feckless. While black women have to live with the other side of that sliding scale – starting even at the tender age of 8 or 9.

  4. Let’s face it. She IS attractive.

    I don’t really get the big deal about this.

    The guy has a pulse.

    Why wouldn’t he find her attractive?

    I think the hullabaloo to be honest is less about race, and more about the idea of sexism.

    I guess the thought might be that he wouldn’t say to a great looking GUY that he was the best looking attorney general?

    But then. Obama is heterosexual. He likes women.

    Seems like a storm in a teacup to me.

    GoldenAh: I wondered how the white women writing the complaints and appearing on news shows could find anything to mine on this topic, but they managed to get a sitting President to apologize for referring to his friend as attractive. Geez, what a coward.

    I, among others here, can make the case that the President looks after every constituency, except black women. He’s taken great care of white women. So, why would they be complaining about sexism from the President? It’s a phony-baloney position to take. Mikey T. and KimP made great points: black women / girls have gotten hammered on other real issues and there was nary a peep from the “feminists”.

    It’s always about race where white women, black men and black women are concerned. Everybody likes to look at white men as racist, but forget white women could be just as bad, if not worse. I wont forget that a white female reporter mentioned that it would have been better for Obama to be married to a white woman. It’s gotta be about them. If that’s what some were thinking then, I will regard the entire bell clanging hysteria on this tempest-in-a-teapot with suspicion.

  5. KimP, I had the EXACT same thoughts as you did when I saw an article about the new guy in the show. I don’t watch the show because when it first came out, the picture posters just seemed to be a story about a bunch of annoying white chicks (admittedly, I was judging a book, well a tv show, by its cover), so I ignored it. When the whole ‘lack of diversity’ hoopla came out (which, for the most part, was partly engineered by the network itself to drum up free publicity), I knew that I was right in ignoring the show. Also, I never even made the connection between SATC casting Blair Underwood as a bone to their many BW fans. Granted, I was only a young teenager in those days, so only followed the show on and off, but no that you mention it, I see it’s actually a pattern!

    I have noticed that WM don’t do this, whether by choice or not. Look at every ‘guy’ show. Even when it is not particularly realistic, they would still cast a BM (or atleast another visibly minority male) as part of the ensemble. Every single one. Yet WW seem to think that they hold universal appeal to everyone, and act surprised when time and time again, they discover that they don’t.

    When this ‘news’ story first broke, I didn’t even see it from a racial angle, due in part because the news bulletin described her as having Black, Asian, Native American and European ancestry. I just took it as average looking women getting pissed off that a pretty woman was being called, well, pretty. It was only after seeing how big the story got that I suspected that something else was up (it was literally all over my newsfeeds, even links to Obama’s ‘apology’, which I didn’t even bother clicking).

    P.S: Obama calling Wasserman-Schultz ‘cute’. Dude was never good at telling jokes, and THAT is a flattering picture you posted!

    GoldenAh: I’m like you, I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and watched any of those white woman worshiping shows. I couldn’t even take some that had a token black girl, ’cause everybody is besotted with and loves dat white girl to death. She’s always so freaking amazing. Can never do wrong. Cannot watch. Boring. Annoying. Silly. Stupid. Unrealistic.

    Now, these white women worshiping shows can leave out a black woman. Their prerogative. There’s also another angle to look at. When they deny a black actress a regular role – there is economic strangulation, segregation and degradation taking place. Some shows pay like $5k-$10k (on the low end, maybe more, maybe less) per episode. That’s money that black women need, ’cause aren’t we the one always supporting the babies, family, friends and freeloaders? I imagine that a lot of these black actresses could do with a nice paycheck to support their folks. So, yeah, when I don’t see a black actress on a show that could have one (if she fits), I don’t want to give them any support. I want to deprive them of their ad revenue. Fair play and all that. I have no compunction about dogging a show either. I cheer when one of them gets cancelled. 🙂

    And you are right about the white guy shows. Nearly all of their programs are inclusive. They’re even throwing in Asian, Latino and mixed men. Funny, how they always have room for other men, eh? Frankly, I find them (WM) more attractive doing this, and will be more of a loyal program watcher.

    If a news story hitting the airwaves / Internet is about a black woman, and she’s truly got her ish together, and the complainers are harping on nothingness – I get suspicious. Making Obama apologize for complimenting a friend? That’s all I need about these people.

  6. Oh, is that what the kerfluffle was about? I saw some blurb about him apologizing to Harris and I knew it had to be about some mess. I didn’t even waste time on it. She was an excellent DA in San Francisco and does great things as AG of California. She always got my vote because she uses common sense in applying the law. And she (and her sister) are both attractive women. Obviously Obama still finds a variety of black women appealing (even while ignoring them as constituents mostly)aside from the Beckys, but too bad! We have our own crowns and pedestals.

    GoldenAh: I could see her being governor next, which would really be massive. It makes me wonder if this is stealth sabotage at work. I do not trust those whiners. They never really defend black women, there’s always something underhanded at work.

  7. Media is biased period. They pander to a demographic that research and advertising want to target audenice. anyone outside that is colateral cash.

    The basis of shows like this is to target people in the midwest who have a image ingrained in them towars what new yorkers and new york life is. Or it could simply be a issue lets slap some junk on tv and hope people watch.

    I have never seen this show, and I frankly do not watch much tv, which may explain why I tend to not understand or know who some of these people are. but either way…why care.

    In Italy (HELL YEA ITALIA) and France (boo) Black woman in the media has had a much better exposure, but modern media is generally based almost entirely on revenue.

    GoldenAh: Having been to both countries, I wouldn’t count on them liking black women anymore than they like us here in the USA. I did not like the French. They are some really nasty scornful people. Italians will actually talk to you and have a nice conversation. I would visit again.

    I loved Seinfeld. Didn’t care that they never had black people on, until the last few seasons and only because of complaints. It was the perfect comedy of its time.

    How can people forget top rated shows like Cosby, Good Times and The Jeffersons, etc., which had ratings that some of these present days shows could only dream of? Most shows have an audience that can fit into a Smart Car. 😀

  8. Mikey said, “About begging for inclusion on these shows, I wish BW would give that crap a rest.”

    I agree with this! I was pointing out the flagrant hypocrisy that I notice from that collective. Furthermore, they continue to ignore us but get mad when more and more BW realize we aren’t welcomed and say peace out.

  9. About begging for inclusion on these shows, I wish BW would give that crap a rest. We don’t need to be every damn where and if they didn’t think to add us in the beginning, be thankful as im sure any drummed up role will not do us any justice and they will surely downplay our genuine beauty in favor of their fake kind.

    Let them have Girls, or whatever new schlock that speaks to UWW. The media here in America has made it very clear that we as BW are not a welcome, wanted or respected member of this society.

    They make shows that deliberately exclude us, have spokes ladies that tell us how to stay in our place and do not want to hire or promote us accordingly. We in spite of all of this have forged and found a way to make it in this country. I say its time for BW with sense to abandon this country en masse. Take our talents where we will be respected and seen as valuable.

    I know this might not be attainable or even desirable for most, but BW with means should give it heavy consideration.

    GoldenAh: The first step: take care of ourselves. The second step: always let ’em go first. The third step: don’t give support to those that don’t support us. And I think in that case, sometimes we have to “listen” and “watch” anybody or group for a long time, before doing a thing or lifting a finger. We get too happy sometimes when folks even pretend to acknowledge us. I require commitment, maybe some blood, sweat and tears too. We should never come cheap.

    And I certainly agree, if it takes leaving the country: We should go. Funny that you mention this. Over the weekend, I was talking about this very subject with my Mom. I was telling her that I’m willing to go anywhere for work: I’m rather flexible now. I’d be happy to spend a lot of time out of the country. I wouldn’t miss much here.

    As long as we’re “experts” in our chosen fields, we can do anything and go anywhere. 😀

  10. Know what else? I remember that he couldn’t even compliment his own daughters in the very same way. If I remember people/deranged WW go upset about that.

    GoldenAh: I don’t know if it’s about the same thing, but I find his protectiveness towards his daughters rather endearing. I like how both BO and MO look out for their girls as fiercely as they do. I think there are people who seemed surprised by it. Sorta like this belief that a black father, or mother, don’t really care or look out for their daughters. Which would explain – to me, in part – why the Onion thought it was acceptable to label someone’s child with such an obscene tag.

    I thought about how the Onion would cease to exist if they pulled that stunt with so many other groups. With one group in particular, the writer would never work again and likely go into hiding for the rest of his life. That’s why it was directed at a little black girl, the writer didn’t expect outrage, push back or anything. We’re an unprotected group, anyone can freely attack us.

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