So, President Obama Cannot Call A Black Woman “Best Looking”?

Spot Check: Controlling That Narrative About Beauty

I’m not the biggest fan of the man, based on his performance in office, but the shrieking and howling by the media is hilarious.

All I notice is that the biggest complainers of the President calling Kamala Harris, “The best-looking Attorney General in the country,” were white women in the media.

Folks, some people hate it when others are the center of attention. These white women, who claim to be feminists, but are really white women supremacists – in other words, everyone must worship them – just hate it when they are not the queen bees, beauty queens or objects of (sexual) attention for every man on the planet.

They complain too much about it for anyone to find them believable.

And it ain’t about sexism. That’s a phony cover. What actually made the comment objectionable for those white women complainers is that the President (who in their eyes is a black man) wasn’t doling out that delicious “Hotness Factor” to them. I can bet that if he said that about a white woman in the same position, none of these chicks would be whining about “sexism”.

He has, in fact, called Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “Cute“, and that was a while (months, maybe years) ago. Still haven’t heard a negative peep about it.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
The pictures speak for themselves.

Cause I’ve yet to see one of them get as bent out of shape and indignant when other men, celebrity or otherwise, talk about how they are the absolute finest women around. And that’s regardless of whether it is true or not about a particular white woman – as long as her hair is bleached blonde.

Jealousy doesn’t look good on these people.

Poor President Obama. He told the truth (from his perspective) about a black woman (yes, I know she’s mixed) and the liberals, progressives and feminists who are supposed to be his best buds turned on him.

Don’t forget now, the biggest group of voters who didn’t support Obama the second time around were white women, but you’ll never see that in the mainstream media. They have a narrative to push. I’m surprised they didn’t try to turn his complimentary remarks into hate speech – against them.

Well, I suppose it is, once the man uttered the word, “Best-looking”, they heard nothing else.

Ever see that kind of nonsense run amuck for any other group of people?

Yeah, yeah, I know all the parties in question are mixed, but I’m going with a bit of social grouping here. This is for when you ask yourself, Why does a very famous, incredibly powerful and wealthy black man have to apologize for calling a black woman good-looking?



26 thoughts on “So, President Obama Cannot Call A Black Woman “Best Looking”?”

  1. Black people have a lot of power particularly black women. The amount of money we spend could make or break any show. They know that black women will buy with black men in it. And black women will complain, but still watch the show. How can we change this if we simply stopped watching these shows, videos, and or movies that didn’t include us. They start losing money and will want to know why. We tell them that we weren’t represented at all or in a way we can relate too. They don’t care about offended black women. All they care about is money!

    GoldenAh: We do have a lot of political and economic power, but squander it all mostly. Among the masses, I don’t see or know how that could be corralled to improve things. We’re always gonna have those that love to be insulted and denigrated, while pretending it makes them seem “tough, wise and worldly”. Hah.

    We just need to let those that are GOOD to us know we appreciate them and their business.

    Thanks, Reese.

  2. I think that it is WW who believe they are “stealing our men” and project this belief onto BW in order to sooth their own guilt, and want to maintain the status quo that serves their own interests.

    If I may ask, their guilt in regards to what?

  3. I definitely agree that that WW believe they hold this “universal appeal” and act surprised when given any message that would suggest otherwise. I actually found it quite amusing when I have been in public settings, or on the subway with BM that I have dated, and noticed the attention, primarily from WW, which I am assuming was based on our obvious connections. They would look at us as though we were “suspects” or something, and I could see the obvious dis ease. I believe their responses are based on my being desired (particularly by a BM), when of course they imagine themselves to be the best. Our interaction destabilizes this fantasy for them.

    I’ve also noticed a similar discomfort from some of my WW colleagues, any time I mention the biases in mainstream media that position them as the most desirable. After watching the movie “pain and gain” (which I wish I did not spend my free movie ticket on), I mentioned how racist the movie was by stating that “of course the only BM in the movie had to be paired with a WW”, which completely erases BW in media (as usual), and is aligned with the 2nd wave feminist racism that suggests “all women are W, and all B’s are men”, and she looked very uncomfortable with my observation. *shruggs* Oh well.

    I’ve also noticed WW getting quite upset when I have talked about MY realities dating BM growing up, and communicating the differences between how my BM boyfriends treated me versus how I observed them to treat WW (which was obviously better). I remember one WW responding with great defense, and telling me that many BW believe that they are “taking our men”?? I’m not sure which BW they are talking about, because I am an adult BW, and have been friends with BW my whole life, and currently have many friends that are BW, and I have NEVER heard any of them say WW are “stealing our men”. I think that it is WW who believe they are “stealing our men” and project this belief onto BW in order to sooth their own guilt, and want to maintain the status quo that serves their own interests.

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