Open Forum: What’s on your mind? Boston, Obama, et al.

I meant to get this out earlier in the week. I usually want to avoid writing about topical news until enough time has lapsed. That’s because there’s always more information forthcoming.

Well, even with the little I do know, I don’t have much to say with regards to the Boston Marathon tragedies. Why? I am a low energy person. Some people are energized by outpourings of grief, anxiety – all these strong emotions or the theatrical pretence of it. However, I am drained by it. And looking at gory photos does nothing, but make me queasy.

I almost feel like if I don’t have this overwrought emotional response demanded by social media or the news – I am missing something. Like I am not compassionate somehow, like I must show some sort of empathetic response. But really, what does it matter and who cares what I feel? The only important people are those directly involved or injured.

To be frank, I am numb. Maybe disasters in the news isn’t happening every other day, but goodness knows one has to dial back abit. Cause lately it’s beginning to feel like everything is a disaster – even when the winds blow during a run-of-the-mill rainy day. I want real disasters treated like disasters.

By the way, in case I am misconstrued – all I mean is that what happened in Boston truly was horrible. Unfortunately, it will be overshadowed by narcissists who need to make it about themselves.

And must every event turn into social media candle light vigils? Does everyone need to show one was there? Do we immediately need to see who the deceased are, especially when they are children?

Must everything turn into an appearance by a politican who, as usual, will work in some distateful, unclassy policy position that has nothing to do with the event?

Anyway, what’s on your mind? The floor is yours.


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  1. @ Eva

    “We work too many hours, sometimes at more than one job because of low pay. At work, because of downsizing, we have too many responsibilities, we’re not allowed to make mistakes or else everything will be lost and that adds to stress, plus add in debt, student loans, mortgage debt. Many people get out of college and are already in debt.

    We commute for too many hours, we don’t spend enough time with people who love us, we don’t get enough vacation time to decompress…”

    A lot of what you describe is the decline of the West. I spoke with an African-Canadian friend recently and told him everything I had noticed going on here politically/economically.

    He was born and raised in Nigeria and he shouted, “My God! America sounds like a third world country!”

  2. Eva
    that was well stated. We live in a disconnected society, noone cares that suicides are way up, we live in a world that has lost feeling and emotion

  3. My gun control is this, if you want to get a gun then learn how to use it. You’re not allowed a driver’s licence unless you pass a written and road test. Everybody should learn gun safety, how to fire a gun and continue to practice on a gun range. IMO nothing is wrong with that kind of gun control.

    I think people keep missing the point about this violence. It’s not about the guns, it’s not about the bombs. It’s that we live in a sick society and I see it every day.

    We work too many hours, sometimes at more than one job because of low pay. At work, because of downsizing, we have too many responsibilities, we’re not allowed to make mistakes or else everything will be lost and that adds to stress, plus add in debt, student loans, mortgage debt. Many people get out of college and are already in debt.

    We commute for too many hours, we don’t spend enough time with people who love us, we don’t get enough vacation time to decompress and IMO because of all of these things, we get disconnected to each other, we live in our heads.

    Some people can live that life and it’s no problem, some people find connection in different things, volunteer work, church. But for others, it’s too much. So many people have said to me how they just can’t take it, this race every day, over and over again.

    Unless this country examines just how we’re living, these violent acts will go on and on and it doesn’t matter how many or how few guns people have.

    GoldenAh: Absolutely right, Eva! I was thinking the other day about how companies tell you all the things that you CANNOT do. By time we’re done abiding by those things, we are left mute, exhausted and cowed, because they tie your hands and then turn around and ask, “Why aren’t you asking questions about this? Or why aren’t you taking it upon yourself to do that?” And based on the general paranoia of some environments – yeah, God help you if you do make a mistake. Nothing makes those screaming blame-someone-it’s-not-my-fault-she-did-it! harpies happier than to pin-the-blame on you. No, thanks. I keep quiet, because in a lot of these companies, the atmosphere is basically, “Everything you say can and will be held against you”. Can’t play that game.

    From what I’ve been reading online, back in the day, schools used to teach kids how to use guns. Then again, there was the draft, and nearly everyone learned how to use guns. Perhaps the problem is that folks don’t respect this tool or how to properly use it – as you’ve indicated.

    I’m stunned at the kind of drugs they are feeding kids. What used to be normal behavior is now medicated as a disorder. Of course, years from now these adults will be regarded as harmed by all these medications, because no one knows how they would affect a developing brain. The NY Times had a couple of articles on this topic a while back.

    What I found stressful, and I wrote about it a couple of months ago, is having people coming to me believing I can fulfill their expectation as the office-shrink, Oprah-type person, because I’m a very quiet and calm black woman. But it wasn’t my role. It wasn’t my job. And it’s not me. I really don’t have the temperament they assumed I had. I was able to stay quiet and calm, because I forced myself to work in that manner. Having them come and verbal dump their hysterical too-much-personal-information on me was having the opposite affect. For everyone, there is proper time and place for dealing with emotional problems, turning to a co-worker who knows (and wants to know) very little about them is not the answer. Their stress was making me stressed.

    Anyway, I get your point. The hardest thing in today’s society is taking a break, getting that mental rest, being able to climb back on that treadmill and deal with it all.

    It’s hard, but the way I deal with things is to cut life down to the things I can manage. No more than a handful of things. If I have to say no to people just to obtain quiet time, I’ll take it. I envy those who can manage to juggle more stuff, but I know my limits. If I let go, I start to spiral out of control. 😀

    Wonderful points, Eva!

  4. Grew up in a house full of guns and have at least 3 I can put my hands on between my mom and I right now. Most people around me are owners as well. So far no one had committed suicide, shot a family member, or went on a psycho rampage thus far. Never heard of such.

    I will be the resident weirdo with the tin hat- I don’t think these incidents are “random”. I think this is a concerted push. I noticed that while all eyes were on Boston several pieces of legislation that takes away even more of our rights have been pushed through. Funny how that always happens. Now I am zipping my lips.

    Goldie I hope you are doing well… 🙂

    GoldenAh: Why just worry about guns? Those guys in Boston proved you can go to any store and buy nails, ball bearings, other sharps objects, put them in a pressure cooker and do all sorts of damage. A gun is a tool like any other. Anyone walking through a Home Depot Garden tool section would notice that nearly every item is a deadly weapon. It’s a matter of creative (destructive) thinking….

    Yeah, the news is odd. I noticed when details about the background of the Boston bombers started getting out, things got even stranger, and the authorities started shutting off information (Gov Duval being one of them). ‘Cause people are wondering: How can a 19 year old be driving a late model Mercedes, wearing expensive sneakers, have a dorm, an apartment, attend college and be financially in need? How was the older brother able to fly back to Dugawhateverstan for a couple of months, collect welfare, have a wife and kid, an apartment and attend college as well?

    And the Russians have been ringing alarms bells over these guys. Our government’s response has been, oh I dunno, a wee bit lackadaisical…. But Janet Dumbell and Barack Ohworshipme is in charge, so I suppose we’re not supposed to worry. Unlike Sandy Hook / Newtown, none of these people are going to exploit the situation to hold up that Immigration Amnesty bill, which they should not even consider passing, like they did with those poor dead kids and their grieving parents to try and take away people’s guns.

    I don’t expect the government to be on top of every potential domestic terrorist. It’s not possible, but I don’t want them to use every mass murder by gun or terrorist as an excuse to kill off what’s left of the Constitution. ‘Cause if they cannot abide by that document, why should any of us have any manner of respect for this government? My goal would be to vote for defunding close to nearly every worthless department, except for the essentials. It’s best to focus on the few discrete things it is good at and leave everything else alone.

    Oshun, I love the spring. My energy level is up. This is the best time for me to catch up on my to-do lists.

    Hope everything is well with you. 😀

  5. Hi ladies,
    Excellent conversation. JalilMaster you summed up every point about Pres. Obama that has been bothering me since year 1.5 of his 1st term. I mean really, HOW many times can you justify his ineffectiveness by the ” they won’t let me ” excuse. Once maybe twice, but come on. Stop whining and get to it already.

    As for the gun control debate, anyone who is pro-gun control remember a few fun history facts. In every area of the world where the citizens have limited ability to protect themselves ( Nazi Germany, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, the Sudan, take your pick ) those with the power to enforce their will via the gun come out on top. Do not fool yourselves. By definition a criminal is someone who will NOT follow the rules. If these people gave a rat’s butt about any of this stuff the prison industrial complex would be empty.
    I am a proud Detroiter & legal gun owner. We do not have gun control laws here in the ” D ” and the ccw permit apps are flying. The time to obtain your ccw is longer compared to the surrounding counties, but well worth the wait. If im not mistaken Govenor Snyder also signed legislation to allowopen carry as well. Chicago is a better example of what gun control does for the ordinary law abiding citizen.

    Also understand that for a woman, proximity is dangerous and often deadly. A gun is a distance weapon, the purpose of which is to keep danger at a distance & save your life. I strongly recommend checking out a show called ” Best Defense ” on the Outdoor channel or YouTube if they have episodes available. Why is proximity dangerous to a woman? Because an average man is capable of killing a woman with his bare hands. So. By all means avoid close proximity if you can.

    I also strongly urge anyone thinking about a legal gun/rifle to train, train, train. The gun itself won’t save you. It’s knowing how & when to use it that will. Has anyone ever noticed the lack of random shooter type deals in Texas? Might have something to do with the majority of folks carrying…just saying.
    Sorry for the diatribe, but I hope someone may find this info useful.

    GoldenAh: Don’t be sorry! I enjoy it when people rep their city or state. And you set me straight on Detroit. I like to be informed this way. I should have included Newark and Camden in my gun control comments, because I wish Gov Christie would work on making it easier to get permits, guns, etc. here in NJ. And I hear he’s willing to sign off on legislation making it even harder to get a gun. Geez.

    Great comments about self-defense, Sisterlocgirl!

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