Decepticons: The Jason Collins Story and Wasting Years of Your Life Waiting on Him

Long-winded title, but hoping you get the point.

Maybe you’ve heard about it. Maybe you’ve been blissfully unaware of the hullabaloo that’s dominated the mainstream media for a couple of days.

See, what happened is an NBA baller (snicker) earned his 15 minutes of fame by declaring that he is – wait for it – wait for it – “gay.” Such an interesting euphemism. However, this is the deal: Jason Collins realizes that he enjoys, prefers and wants to have SEX, MAKE LOVE and HAVE RELATIONSHIPS with other men.

And he truly believes we, meaning everybody on the planet, needed to know this. Whamp. Whamp. (Sound of sad trumpet blaring.)

After I stopped laughing over the last few days, my hands were steady enough to compose this post. Ay, yay yay.


He Was Afraid of What Now?

Jason Collins is 7 feet tall. He’s a multimillionaire. He attended Stanford University. He knows the Clintons, Obama and other elites. That’s a big, powerful, well connected and wealthy closet he chose to climb out of.

So, I just wanna ask: How could anybody so ridiculously massive and intimidating claim to be fearful of being “gay” in this day and age? I mean, someone is gonna talk smack to a big black guy nearly 300 lbs in weight? LOL.

This is ridiculous.

Our Pretender-In-Chief, The Man Who Never Stops Campaigning

Obama felt the need to thrust himself into this particular spotlight by calling on this cloistered, privileged, bench-warming and obscure NBA player. He had to congratulate him on being a homosexual. That’s important. Really, really important. Glad to know what the President’s priorities are. ‘Cause it’s not like he’s able to work with Congress. It’s not like he can focus on the economy. He’s got better things to do. Like playing golf, shooting hoops, coming up with those all-important March-madness brackets, etc.

He shows us he can focus: Michelle once complained that she was a “single mother.” Totally understandable. He’s a busy man.

And at the press conference he needed to mention it again. There are homosexuals and lesbians playing professional sports. Who’da thunkit?

Maybe at the start of each game, as they introduce the players, announcers can add: “Welcome player number zero, OchinoDumbo. He’s a heterosexual from Baltimore, with 12 children from his 5 baby mommas. Yet, on long trips, he can be delightfully bi-curious.”

Waiting 8 Years on a DeceptiCon

The part of this story that I find interesting is who got the stiff (oh, wrong word), er, raw end of this deal. Seems that Jason had a white woman, whose name is Moos (I am not making this up), that he DATED for 8 YEARS. Even was engaged to be married to.

Now, ain’t this a blip?

This relationship didn’t end when he was a young man, maybe still confused, torn or excited. This dude was about 30, if not older, when he changed his mind. But he rode (oh, wrong word again), used this woman as his golden beard for 8 long years, while he thought, supposedly agonized, and mulled it over.

Meanwhile, she said on one of those interviews that she, “Had a script of how life was going to be”, or something to that extent.

What the Problem Is

It is NOT that he’s (finally) admitted he enjoys the sweet, sweet taste of sweaty scrotum. No, not at all. More people should be honest – they just don’t have to tell the whole world. No one really cares. The issue is that Jason Collins deceived a woman, used her youth, her fertility, her time and her mental “scripting” while he knew he was living a lie.

That is down low behavior, which is foul and the heart of how a DeceptiCon behaves. It ain’t right.

Now, people may sympathize with his conflicts, or situations, but it doesn’t mean he had to drag her into it. And for such a long time.

Ms Moos is partly at fault as well. You don’t hang onto a man for that long. I don’t care if you knew him from way back when, like in high school or college. At some point, you either cut bait or reel him in. I know, I know, she was waiting for the “pay off.” And the cynic in me feels that, she would have been satisfied being married to a man who occasionally played for the other team. Discretely, of course.

Well, that kind of arrangement is nothing new. She wouldn’t have mind, because she’d have the money, status and “stability.” Plus, a divorce or alimony would have been sufficient compensation for the “estrangement of affections.”

Black Women Get Reamed This Way Quite Often

My last bit of surprise is that this was a “well-educated good black man”, a.k.a. purple unicorn, pulling this kind of DeceptiCon on a white woman. Look, I won’t front, I honestly thought that when you see an IR couple, and it’s BM / WW, even if he’s gonna have his “issues” – he’s going to be genuinely attracted to her. You know, there’s that Mandingo, Snowbunny, Jungle Fever lust and “white women let me be a man” kind of thing going on.

This changes my perception, ’cause here we got a black guy who was being a DeceptiCon (on the down low) with a pretty blonde white woman for 8 years!!! This is the kind of thing that gets shrugged at if the woman is black. Does anyone really think the media would even be talking to a black ex-girlfriend about Jason Collins? Color me skeptical.

I noticed the media wasn’t sure how to handle Ms Moos: Was she a victim or will she play the sympathetic understanding woman? This involved competing angles: the 7 feet tall big black “gay” man vs a pretty blond ex-fiancee. I’d say Jason Collins got the slight edge. He won the homecoming queen crown of this event.

Shock and Oh Hell Naw

And what a gut punch that confession must have been for Ms Moos, which happened well before the media got full wind of it.

She wasted 8 years!!!! on a man who she now has to “replay those scripts in her head.” Those scripts where she thought he was a wonderful guy, because he NEVER cheated on her with those awful, skanky FEMALE basketball groupies. What a great and faithful guy she must have thought of her big black man. Now, she’s gotta be wondering about all those times he was out “balling” with his male friends. ‘Cause he spent so much time with his buddies, she never gave it a second thought.

I hope she’s gone through her battery of tests, being with a DeceptiCon can be deadly to a woman’s health.

Lessons for the Day

Doesn’t matter how much money he has, that pay day may never arrive.

If he’s hanging with his buddies too much, that niggling suspicious might be an accurate gut check.

A year, maybe even less, is really all you need to decide whether he’s marrying you or not. Anything longer and you are wasting your own time.

Shows that being in an IR doesn’t mean he cannot be a DeceptiCon. He might even feel more secure with his subterfuge.

And there is nothing HEROIC or COURAGEOUS about a man using a woman in such a cruel way to further his own means and ends. A man of any age can waste time, but a woman, unfortunately, cannot. Her time is of essence. It is her life and to use someone for that long a time shows a callousness that borders on being a sociopath.

So, it’s interesting to see that some black males, even when they get a hold of white women, are still a hot dysfunctional dishonest mess. He will be bringing all his baggage with him, that which he has always claimed belonged to black women.

How exhausting some of these men are.

And Congratulations to Mr Jason Collins!

You enjoy having sex with men. So do I. Welcome to the club. 😀



37 thoughts on “Decepticons: The Jason Collins Story and Wasting Years of Your Life Waiting on Him”

  1. Right now, I’m all out of unreciprocated sympathy/empathy. I wish I didn’t feel that way, but I do. I’ve been tired and uninterested in the mental energy expenditure.

    CALL me, when they are concerned about a black woman’s plight and suffering of social injustice. PERSONALLY, I think these are lessons they NEED to learn. They’ve been gloating over feeling/being treated as though they are superior to black women for TOO LONG.

    If you WANT the man, you have to take his drama TOO.

    GoldenAh: So true! If you want the man, you gotta take the whole package!!

  2. Magic Johnson and Jermaine Stewart.

    I think KK has more money than ‘Ye and fell for a)her own hype and thinking black guys wanting to ^%$# her made her special (well it DID make her career) and b)falling for the ‘feminist’ trope of calling the shots/being ’empowered’ c)she was still gloating over the 2nd hubby/show-mance thinking she’d keep getting over d)like attracts like

    When E. Lynn Harris first published ‘Invisible Life’ 20 years ago — pre-publishing deal — when he sold books out of his car trunk and the libraries ordered a few copies and nobody knew who he was, I took note of BASIL HENDERSON and started making lists. After my shock wore off!

    Basil never came out and remained a Decepticon to not only unsuspecting women, but to the men who wanted a real relationship as well. Regardless, this is where we have to draw the line because that other fool who went on Oprah and had a wife was just as full of it. This “down-low” terminology allowing those engaging in OPEN deceit to get a pass for being “oppressed”


    I had a friend – white gay guy – whose FATHER was gay and it was known within his family but his parents were still married last I heard. He said the whole situation was &^$* and it also messed with his identity because his dad didn’t admit it until AFTER he came out as a teen. Plus, his dad wasn’t initially supportive.

    ….and this just reminded me that Jessica Simpson’s dad got caught with a young man and is now “out”. Oh…and Ashlee ended up divorcing because her ex decided he was bi and wanted to be with a guy.

    There’s a definite pattern here and the lack of admonishment for shattered lives to perpetuate lies all for the celebratory “out and proud” script NEEDS to be addressed. This isn’t the 70’s, 80’s OR 90’s.

    This is where agendas and allies part ways.

    GoldenAh: Yeah, when Magic said he was HIV positive, they went looking for the person who gave it to him, and couldn’t find a woman fast enough. It was odd, because statistically a man getting it from a woman was like – you could win the lottery first. I’m exaggerating, but the transmission of female to male is quite low. But everybody nodded they heads, “Yeah, of course some woman gave it to him.” Okay.

    The last guy KK married was nitwit number 2? Wow. Didn’t know that. You are so on point with your observations about her. That woman smells herself and believes the hype. That annoying smug smile. Cannot stand seeing her.

    I tried to read a Harris book back when it was hot, never got through half of it. I got his point though. I couldn’t believe there were men around playing games that deep. Read like a Mission Impossible movie. Cannot see why people waste so much time with living a double life. I’m exhausted after a day of work, where do people get the time for all that messing around?

    I can understand that there are men and women switching teams on occasion. As long as people are honest….’cause there are too many deadly diseases going around. I think gonorrhea is now moving up to incurable or resistant to antibiotics.

  3. KK has looked miserable this entire pregnancy. I haven’t once seen a picture of her smiling. Maybe she has been sick a lot, but knowing Mr. West (who was also abandoned by his father), black men, and their track record, I think a wool has been lifted. It’s also interesting to note that its primarily the WHITE media that has been checking West on his absence; so much so that they (i.e. Kris Jenner) had to release an inside scoop that he calls her daily and visits often…sure. Oh well. {Kanye Shrug}

    GoldenAh: So, her special magical **stuff** was supposed to make him behave, right? {{chuckling}}

    What’s that expression again? “A hard head makes for a soft behind.” People would accept that everything wrong in BM / BW relationships was the black woman’s fault. Black women made black males act up. Well, a snake will shed its skin, but it is still a snake. I guess other folks are learning that now. 😀

  4. Don’t be surprised to hear of The Obamas getiting a divorce after their term in office.
    First Lady Michelle Obama has her limits. They say thoughts are words and anytime you have a spouse who is away for a long period of time, then you will not tell me we are human and she is a woman first and some one is meeting those needs. Like this friend of mine pointed out, notice how First Lady Michelle is showing more of her figure, not in a sleazy way but she is more faking smile because even the best of relationships needs to be nourished. Never heard of the guy and a lot of non-Black women are seeing the picture as well. I am not sayng this the case all the time but ususally when a White woman beaks up with a black man she will usually go to a white man or non-black man. That is why Black Women and White Men marriages tend to farewell. No, no one is perfect but I like in your previous posts how white men are better. Yes, we have DamagedBeyondRepair DBR everywhere, but most non-black men are usually checked by men and not by the women. They know that there is backlash for them stepping out of bounds by the men. I hope his ex gets a HIV test because
    diseases do not discriminate.
    Keep up the good work and keep us posted on the good things you have done.

    GoldenAh: As you say that, I’m wondering, but will the Secret Service be included in the divorce? As far as I know, the detail belongs to a President and his family. Would she be entitled if the family did break up? I kind of doubt she’d like missing out on any perks. It’s not like they’d have to live with each other after they leave the White House. When was the last time the Clintons were in the same vicinity? MO is just chilling and relaxing, because BO doesn’t have to run again.

    I think it’s easier for certain types of people to climb out of the closet: those that do so have a strong social network of support. Well, that kind-of applies to nearly everyone, with sufficient support a person can feel secure enough to do as they please.

  5. This is the first time I heard of the ex-fiance. It has been completely glossed over in the media. Frankly, I think he’s a jerk and a user. How is this any different from a guy who used a woman for so many years knowing full well that he had no intention of really being with her. This is not the 1960’s, we’ve had so many out gay celebrities that it no longer even warrants front page news anymore. I feel so sorry for the woman. She was used. She knows it. He knows it. Her family knows it. Heck, even the press knows it, but she has to pretend that he is some sort of victim AND hero, when he is so far from either of these things.

    This interview would have been in the works for weeks, yet he only told her after he had already done the magazine interview and it was about to get printed. This has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that his contract was up, and he wasn’t a good enough player to get signed by another team based on his talent, especially due to his age. He’s been in the NBA for about 12 years now, yet no one has ever heard of him till he decides to announce to the whole world that he enjoys ‘man-sex’.

    I find myself getting increasingly disgusted with what our society is becoming, where it is now the norm to share what is supposed to be private details/information with the public. Whether it is those who feel the need to broadcast what their sexual tastes/habits are, thinking we need to know if you have an ‘open marriage’ (see Will & Jada’s foolishness), or informing the general public about how many sexual partners you have had (see the usually male ‘celebs’ who boast about having slept with 3000/5000/10,000 etc prostitu……sorry women). Why is any of this considered information that any of us needed to know? Whatever happened to discretion. We complain that the Government should stay out of our bedrooms (they should), yet willingly invite ’em in when it suits us. Not too long ago, gays ‘came out’ to their friends & families. Now, it seems that some are only willing to do it if you stick a camera in front of them and promise to give them the front page. I’m finding it all a bit pathetic. I was ready to just roll my eyes at the story and move on till ‘his anointed specialness’ decided to, once again, inject himself into a story that didn’t concern him. Call the guy and congratulate him on, I dunno, being gay. Fine. But to then inform the rest of us about the phone call?! Obama is a certified moron!

    On another note, I know of quite a few folks whose sole reason for staying in the closet was because they wanted to have biological kids, hence, the reason why in recent times, lesbians became far less likely to do this because they no longer needed a male partner for a baby (we now have sperm banks, one night stands, etc). Gay men, unfortunately, don’t have that luxury. Before anyone starts feeling sorry for these selfish people, just bear that in mind (I know more than a handful who admitted that they had always planned to ‘come out’ after having biological children to get it ‘out of the way’. When I ask them whether they ever took into consideration the feelings of their partner, seeing as they were deceived and used just for a baby-machine, most of them just shrugged their shoulders). That’s why to me this case is just so bad. He could have done what some other closeted men do and play at the whole ‘player’ routine, pretending to chase lots of women while doing whatever else he really wanted to do in private. I’m baffled as to why he chose to act in the way that was the most damaging to an innocent person. There are reasons he chose to stay in the closet. Fear of ‘homophobia’ was the least of them. This guy is just a user, plain & simple. It is a character flaw. Mark my words, any man that enters a relationship with Mr. Collins will be the next victim of his deceit, it’s just going to manifest itself in a different way!

    GoldenAh: I don’t even like to see people wet smooch kiss on TV shows and in movies. Last thing I want to hear is more detail about an entertainer’s private life. I can’t understand why people like Rhianna, Lady Gaga or whoever-else-her-face-is enjoy tweeting half-naked to naked pictures of themselves. At least Madonna had the sense to make a book out of it and sell it. When that book came out they wrapped up the cover, or was that Mapplethorpe? Both books were rather gross, so it could have been either one. 😀

    The funny thing is how all these media organizations are losing vast amounts of money, and they don’t know why. I mean, a 10 year old could tell them why. But I guess when they have an agenda to push, profits be damned. I want to be able to get the news with a filter that allows me to exclude names, words and stories I don’t want to read about.

    I have heard about women doing the one night stand thing just to have a child. I feel sorry for the kids. I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t want to know about their father, or his family, if he wasn’t around when they were growing up.

    We’ve got people killing healthy viable babies just as they are born, calling it “pro-choice” and “late term abortion”. On the other hand, we have people desperate to have children who cannot. We are living in some crazy times.

    If men want to know why women are scared of relationships, they can point to Mr Collins as a prime example.

  6. “Also, I honestly think that she is being shrugged off as well. Being a white woman is NOT enough for her, because she is up against a far greater machine: It’s called the gay agenda (see NJ Gov. McGreevey) . In her interview, she HAD to reiterate the fact that she was supportive of gays and supportive of his choice to come out. I’m pretty sure she didn’t feel like saying this, but probably had to lest she be considered a homophobe or insensitive to the gay community. It’s like “f%@k my life and the time I invested, let me not forgot to let the gays know I support them.”

    Thank you for saying this. It’s all true.


    You have great insight. No one has the courage to say these things for fear of being called a homophobe.

    GoldenAh: When I first heard about this guy, my thoughts went to, “Is there a woman somewhere finding about this now?” I believe if he was white, he’d present a lover and say, “This is the guy I care about.”

    But when it’s a black guy… there’s sometimes more to the story. The situation never seems straightforward (pardon the pun, I cannot help myself sometimes).

    If he had a man, and hadn’t been playing with a woman (or women!) for years like that, I would have left well enough alone.

    Thanks, Trish.

  7. Kanye and Kim
    Will and Jada

    and many more….

    GoldenAh: I see pictures of da KKK all over the media. Magazine covers with the word “humiliated” next to her bloated face. Multiple stories about her being “abandoned” by the other K. Oh well. {{Shrug}} Why do some of these women think that if the guy treats other women like poop, he wont do the same to them? I only pray that the KKK spawn is not a girl. A little black girl in that family? Ah, no.

  8. “So, it’s interesting to see that some black males, even when they get a hold of white women, are still a hot dysfunctional dishonest mess. He will be bringing all his baggage with him, that which he has always claimed belonged to black women.” <<< THIS! I think many non-black women are beginning to recognize this.

    GoldenAh: I bet, with real money on the table, someone in Ms Moos’s family or friends have been trying to tell her something was “off” about this guy, but she wouldn’t hear it. Or they were afraid to say something. They likely didn’t want to be accused of being racist, ’cause on paper, his background is impeccable.

    And, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had her jumping through hoops by dangling the wedding in front of her face (for years!!), then delaying it, before dumping her. All of which had nothing to do with his orientation. That kind of behavior was just an aspect of his character or lack thereof.

  9. When I first heard this story, I did wonder “who the hell is this guy?” I follow sports, but had never really heard of him (and I also would like to know that with his stats how the hell he stayed in the league for 12 years, but I digress). The way that he glossed over the fact that he dated women and was even engaged to a woman also led me to believe that it was brief and it occurred early in adulthood while was still confused and trying to figure things out. I also thought that maybe the engagement ended because he figured out he was gay and perhaps shared this info with his then-fiance. But when I saw Ms. Moos’ interview, it changed my perception of him drastically because she was honestly the last to know. He told just before the story came out and according her, never offered any apology or explanation. You could tell that she has had no real closure. I have no respect for him and do not regard him as any kind of hero.

    Her interview was hard to watch because you could hear the pain in her voice and tell that she is still reeling from this while he basks in newfound fame that he would otherwise never have received as an obscure basketball player. She kept saying things like “I will have a husband and a family” as if she was trying not only to assure not only the interviewer and audience, but more trying to convince herself. I don’t peg her as a “gold-digger” who wouldn’t otherwise be with this black man if it weren’t for money and position. You could tell that she thought this man was her soul mate. She was very repetitive in her responses and couldn’t really seem to keep her thoughts together. She has played in the WNBA and is 6’5″, so finding a mate will definitely be a challenge for her.

    Also, I honestly think that she is being shrugged off as well. Being a white woman is NOT enough for her, because she is up against a far greater machine: It’s called the gay agenda (see NJ Gov. McGreevey) . In her interview, she HAD to reiterate the fact that she was supportive of gays and supportive of his choice to come out. I’m pretty sure she didn’t feel like saying this, but probably had to lest she be considered a homophobe or insensitive to the gay community. It’s like “f%@k my life and the time I invested, let me not forgot to let the gays know I support them.”

    GoldenAh: In essence, her pain and suffering is worth far less than his “coming out”. That’s beyond sad. She’s been thrown by others, and herself, under the bus of political correctness. ‘Cause she cannot for one moment say, “Wait now. Hold on for just a sec! What about how I was treated?” Nope. She had to perform a lovely bit of verbal seppuku.

    We have just witnessed a shift in the “who’s important” hierarchy in the media. What happened? We have real equality for all men. Patriarchy has been reinforced without regard to race or sexual orientation. Men still rule. No surprise.

    A black (or mixed) female, Brittney Griner (and she can play), came out and mostly the response was crickets. Swoopes came out years ago. But these are women, black women, so it doesn’t have the same import among the people who control the direction of the news media.

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