Decepticons: The Jason Collins Story and Wasting Years of Your Life Waiting on Him

Long-winded title, but hoping you get the point.

Maybe you’ve heard about it. Maybe you’ve been blissfully unaware of the hullabaloo that’s dominated the mainstream media for a couple of days.

See, what happened is an NBA baller (snicker) earned his 15 minutes of fame by declaring that he is – wait for it – wait for it – “gay.” Such an interesting euphemism. However, this is the deal: Jason Collins realizes that he enjoys, prefers and wants to have SEX, MAKE LOVE and HAVE RELATIONSHIPS with other men.

And he truly believes we, meaning everybody on the planet, needed to know this. Whamp. Whamp. (Sound of sad trumpet blaring.)

After I stopped laughing over the last few days, my hands were steady enough to compose this post. Ay, yay yay.


He Was Afraid of What Now?

Jason Collins is 7 feet tall. He’s a multimillionaire. He attended Stanford University. He knows the Clintons, Obama and other elites. That’s a big, powerful, well connected and wealthy closet he chose to climb out of.

So, I just wanna ask: How could anybody so ridiculously massive and intimidating claim to be fearful of being “gay” in this day and age? I mean, someone is gonna talk smack to a big black guy nearly 300 lbs in weight? LOL.

This is ridiculous.

Our Pretender-In-Chief, The Man Who Never Stops Campaigning

Obama felt the need to thrust himself into this particular spotlight by calling on this cloistered, privileged, bench-warming and obscure NBA player. He had to congratulate him on being a homosexual. That’s important. Really, really important. Glad to know what the President’s priorities are. ‘Cause it’s not like he’s able to work with Congress. It’s not like he can focus on the economy. He’s got better things to do. Like playing golf, shooting hoops, coming up with those all-important March-madness brackets, etc.

He shows us he can focus: Michelle once complained that she was a “single mother.” Totally understandable. He’s a busy man.

And at the press conference he needed to mention it again. There are homosexuals and lesbians playing professional sports. Who’da thunkit?

Maybe at the start of each game, as they introduce the players, announcers can add: “Welcome player number zero, OchinoDumbo. He’s a heterosexual from Baltimore, with 12 children from his 5 baby mommas. Yet, on long trips, he can be delightfully bi-curious.”

Waiting 8 Years on a DeceptiCon

The part of this story that I find interesting is who got the stiff (oh, wrong word), er, raw end of this deal. Seems that Jason had a white woman, whose name is Moos (I am not making this up), that he DATED for 8 YEARS. Even was engaged to be married to.

Now, ain’t this a blip?

This relationship didn’t end when he was a young man, maybe still confused, torn or excited. This dude was about 30, if not older, when he changed his mind. But he rode (oh, wrong word again), used this woman as his golden beard for 8 long years, while he thought, supposedly agonized, and mulled it over.

Meanwhile, she said on one of those interviews that she, “Had a script of how life was going to be”, or something to that extent.

What the Problem Is

It is NOT that he’s (finally) admitted he enjoys the sweet, sweet taste of sweaty scrotum. No, not at all. More people should be honest – they just don’t have to tell the whole world. No one really cares. The issue is that Jason Collins deceived a woman, used her youth, her fertility, her time and her mental “scripting” while he knew he was living a lie.

That is down low behavior, which is foul and the heart of how a DeceptiCon behaves. It ain’t right.

Now, people may sympathize with his conflicts, or situations, but it doesn’t mean he had to drag her into it. And for such a long time.

Ms Moos is partly at fault as well. You don’t hang onto a man for that long. I don’t care if you knew him from way back when, like in high school or college. At some point, you either cut bait or reel him in. I know, I know, she was waiting for the “pay off.” And the cynic in me feels that, she would have been satisfied being married to a man who occasionally played for the other team. Discretely, of course.

Well, that kind of arrangement is nothing new. She wouldn’t have mind, because she’d have the money, status and “stability.” Plus, a divorce or alimony would have been sufficient compensation for the “estrangement of affections.”

Black Women Get Reamed This Way Quite Often

My last bit of surprise is that this was a “well-educated good black man”, a.k.a. purple unicorn, pulling this kind of DeceptiCon on a white woman. Look, I won’t front, I honestly thought that when you see an IR couple, and it’s BM / WW, even if he’s gonna have his “issues” – he’s going to be genuinely attracted to her. You know, there’s that Mandingo, Snowbunny, Jungle Fever lust and “white women let me be a man” kind of thing going on.

This changes my perception, ’cause here we got a black guy who was being a DeceptiCon (on the down low) with a pretty blonde white woman for 8 years!!! This is the kind of thing that gets shrugged at if the woman is black. Does anyone really think the media would even be talking to a black ex-girlfriend about Jason Collins? Color me skeptical.

I noticed the media wasn’t sure how to handle Ms Moos: Was she a victim or will she play the sympathetic understanding woman? This involved competing angles: the 7 feet tall big black “gay” man vs a pretty blond ex-fiancee. I’d say Jason Collins got the slight edge. He won the homecoming queen crown of this event.

Shock and Oh Hell Naw

And what a gut punch that confession must have been for Ms Moos, which happened well before the media got full wind of it.

She wasted 8 years!!!! on a man who she now has to “replay those scripts in her head.” Those scripts where she thought he was a wonderful guy, because he NEVER cheated on her with those awful, skanky FEMALE basketball groupies. What a great and faithful guy she must have thought of her big black man. Now, she’s gotta be wondering about all those times he was out “balling” with his male friends. ‘Cause he spent so much time with his buddies, she never gave it a second thought.

I hope she’s gone through her battery of tests, being with a DeceptiCon can be deadly to a woman’s health.

Lessons for the Day

Doesn’t matter how much money he has, that pay day may never arrive.

If he’s hanging with his buddies too much, that niggling suspicious might be an accurate gut check.

A year, maybe even less, is really all you need to decide whether he’s marrying you or not. Anything longer and you are wasting your own time.

Shows that being in an IR doesn’t mean he cannot be a DeceptiCon. He might even feel more secure with his subterfuge.

And there is nothing HEROIC or COURAGEOUS about a man using a woman in such a cruel way to further his own means and ends. A man of any age can waste time, but a woman, unfortunately, cannot. Her time is of essence. It is her life and to use someone for that long a time shows a callousness that borders on being a sociopath.

So, it’s interesting to see that some black males, even when they get a hold of white women, are still a hot dysfunctional dishonest mess. He will be bringing all his baggage with him, that which he has always claimed belonged to black women.

How exhausting some of these men are.

And Congratulations to Mr Jason Collins!

You enjoy having sex with men. So do I. Welcome to the club. 😀



37 thoughts on “Decepticons: The Jason Collins Story and Wasting Years of Your Life Waiting on Him”

  1. @ Foramvitae

    “I’ve also noticed how many black men select white men for partners. They try to act like they pursue relations with others because black women are so challenging to deal with. But, REALLY, the black man just prefers white or anything that is not himself.”

    I had a somewhat recent experience with this. I invited a WM that I was considering dating over for a cookout. A gay BM (that I am now distancing myself from), whom I grew up with by the way, was also in attendance. Do you know that this dude had the nerve to look at me sideways? And then made a crack about “cream in my coffee” or something to that effect. Nevermind that this gay BM has never in his entire life EVER had a BM partner. ALL of the men he has been with have been WM. Whereas I have been the fool giving a brother a chance, then going on talking to Pedro and nem, and Abib and nem, and then I finally just started considering all men. His comment really took me back and made me look at him sideways. Like ok cool for you and not for me? Are you crazy? Funny he had nothing to say when I was being abused by BM both verbally and in other ways. He wasn’t taken aback when I was heartsick and lonely; and the times when I was questioning myself as a woman due to my experiences.

    “I’m not a “New Age” thinker, and THAT’S FINE WITH ME.”

    As a former New Age thinker of sorts I am in agreement with your assessment. I also think that your comment about the poor state of the U.S. is connected to New Age beliefs more than many realize. Referring more to the spiritual religious aspect, I am not against positive thinking etc, but I find it so ironic that The Secret and others are being pushed really hard just as everything is declining.

    GoldenAh: Could I start a new post asking what new age is? I honestly never gave it much thought.

  2. Magic was rumored tobe at leastbisexual long before he announced he had HIV. And I say that as his #1 fan who met him more than once. I wept like a child when he retired. He was the greatest there ever was, but yes it was more or less an open secret that he slept with men. I have no proof, as I only know women who slept with him, but I doubt he contracted HIV from a woman.

    GoldenAh: Nice smile. Congenial, pleasant and easygoing. He loved the sport of basketball and it showed. I respect him for that. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say anything nasty about anyone. And I remember when he played against the Pistons, he’d kiss Isiah Thomas on the cheek. NTTAWWT. It was cute.

    Enjoyed hearing from you, Rosyln. Take care.

  3. GoldenAh: Yeah, when Magic said he was HIV positive, they went looking for the person who gave it to him, and couldn’t find a woman fast enough. It was odd, because statistically a man getting it from a woman was like – you could win the lottery first. I’m exaggerating, but the transmission of female to male is quite low. But everybody nodded they heads, “Yeah, of course some woman gave it to him.” Okay.

    That makes no kind of sense! Even if Magic Johnson contracted aids from a woman. He would share equal blame too! You don’t just wake up with an std! It takes two to contract an std!He was the one having affairs or sexing multiple women! – I don’t remember if he was single or married at the time!

    GoldenAh: Oh, he was married. Still is. I look at professional athletes the same way I look at actors, politicians and reporters: none of them have any (sexual) self-control. They’re like infants fascinated with the stuff in their diapers.

  4. GoldenAh: That is funny! I remember a song like that, but it sounded like a response to, “She’s Got Papers On Me.” I remember hits like, “Nothing going on but the rent” then someone would respond with a diss song like, “I’m not giving one red cent.” Loved those days. LOL.

    Loved the song ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC – Miss them!Black women encouraging each other to only date men who are doing something with their lives, so they have something to offer women. Of course black men were offended and had to put out their own song ‘No Pigeons.’ Which is ironic, because many black women still date black guys that have nothing going on in their lives, and who have nothing to offer any women. But when black women develop standards and boundaries with men, they’re labeled goldigger!

    GoldenAh: I loved TLC too. They were like the last assertive black female group around. Today, I think all they play is too much begging (on her part) and bragging (on his part) for my nerves.

  5. @Dreadnaught

    The US DOES “suck”, these days. Popular culture, values, ideologies seem to center around the notion that all things are relative, being hedonist is a positive thing as long as you “aren’t hurting others”, prostitution (regardless of form) is empowerment, valuation of the biologically supported family unit is “oppressive “, and so on and so forth.

    I can respect differences if opinion. But, I can’t get with this notion of all things being relative and there being no absolute truth. I’m not a “New Age” thinker, and THAT’S FINE WITH ME.

  6. First – the NBA sucks – ok I got that out of the way.

    Second – Jason Collins is gay…who cares, other then the chick he wrecked noone cares or should care.

    Third – Why is this some kind of news ? I can name several atheletes in America who are gay either out of the closet or a open secret. ok ready Jim Hellwig ( The Ultimate Warrior) Jimmy Snuka, Chris Kluwe, Kwame Harris

    meh, America sucks anymore, everything has to be a news conferance, everyone wants to or needs to be special and hugged.

    lol sweet sweet sweaty scrotum made me laugh.

    GoldenAh: The NBA / NFL aren’t what they used to be. They’re both slowly dying of self-inflicted wounds. I was more of a football fan than basketball, especially collegiate sports. I don’t watch any of it anymore. Glad I could make you laugh, too. 😀

  7. “Delightfully bi-curious” I spit out my water when I read this. Curse you, Betty LOL!

    Anyhoo, getting back to my actual comment: at one point in history, they would have been Cole and Linda Porter, but, with the gay agenda being pushed forcefully in the media, Collins was more comfortable coming out publicly. Okay, fine, he’s gay. Now, how exactly is he “heroic”? I won’t wait for an answer to that one, as I know that it isn’t coming LOL

    As far as his fiancee goes, 8 years is just foolishness. That is at least 7 years too long. I still sympathize with her, though: he was living a “straight” life, and this woman got blindsighted by his “announcement.” You were spot on with your analysis of how the media has treated her. Really, they can’t make her the victim, lest it be looked at as “gay-bashing.” Just a sad situation for her, all the way around.

    GoldenAh: Sorry. 🙂 I would put a warning about having tissues nearby, but people might get the intentions wrong.

  8. Oh, one more comment.

    I support coming out/being honest about one’s orientation, because WE ALL need/deserve the proper information to make responsible decisions in life.

    I just don’t know why one’s orientation needs to be front page news (except to save others from potential harm).

    GoldenAh: I wholeheartedly agree, Formavitae. Great comments!

  9. With this whole coming out story:

    Number one. I’m not really into it, because it doesn’t pertain to me. (I’m hetero.)

    Number two, I, like other commenters, cannot understand why people’s sexual habits/preferences need to be announced within the public sphere.

    Number three. I feel like thus is just another ploy for the black man to prove to the white man he belongs in his circle. I’m not referencing his orientation, but rather the fact that he’s presenting this revelation in a manner that is similar to the way whites have, but is contradictory to the way in which blacks usually address such sensitive matters.

    I was very surprised to see that his parents are to give a television interview, because, USUALLY, black parents would prefer such discussions to occur only amongst family or members of close circles. I’m not criticizing him or his parents for having a public discussion or trying to shame anyone into lies. But, it seems to me the black man does not establish ANY process that is uniquely his own. He’s always trying to be co-opted into the processes and framework of others.

    I’ve also noticed how many black men select white men for partners. They try to act like they pursue relations with others because black women are so challenging to deal with. But, REALLY, the black man just prefers white or anything that is not himself.

    OK. That’s more attention than I wanted to give this story. I’ve actually been skipping it in the media. It’s irrelevant to my life, and I really have no interest. I only responded to this because I enjoy your writing and agree with your observations.

    You made me laugh. 🙂

    GoldenAh: I’m glad I could make you laugh. I was rolling for a whole week before and after I wrote this post. It was one of the few things I found in the news I could chuckle over.

    Point number three: you hit on something I couldn’t quite express before. This whole affair has that air of, “Me too! Me too! Oh, oh let me in, I wanna be a member of the club. Don’t leave me out.” And I’m thinking, the black man gets included in everything white men do by default. Whether it is warranted or not. Why so worried about being left out (again)?

    You mention establishing a framework. Yes! OMG. The kind of things I chat with my Mom about too. I’m always asking her what’s wrong with people? Funny enough, I was tossing out some papers this weekend and I had notes where I was going to write (post) about the groups of people who THRIVE. It’s because their MEN build stuff. And I was like, I just cannot be bothered to mention it anymore. {{shrug}} It’s just spitting in the wind and calling it rain. 😀

  10. Regarding the KK/KW situation, I’ve been LMAO, FRANKLY.

    GoldenAh: I was listening to this talk show, I’m paraphrasing the host, but I liked what he said: “Why do I keep hearing about this woman I know nothing of, don’t want to know or care about? It’s an intrusion. This constant pushing of her in the news.” I was thinking, that’s it! That’s the word: intrusion. I need to check into the news to find out once in a while the world hasn’t come to an end, at least not yet. Can it be done without this 24/7 focus on celebritards?

    And yeah, I snicker at the KK/KW ridicament (yeah, I made that up). Who didn’t see that coming?

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