Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko | Pink – Just Give Me a Reason ft. Nate Ruess

He’s so very cute, that Mikky Ekko.

Doesn’t she look like she’s trying to fart in the tub at the end? That expression on her face….

Like the video, I only wish they’d been fair and have him without that sweater on. Nice arms.  😀


I like this song too.



4 thoughts on “Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko | Pink – Just Give Me a Reason ft. Nate Ruess”

  1. Meant because of her carribean roots, her music would have been good if she subtracted the sex and glorification of violence. But since she chooses not to do that, I won’t support or listen to her.

    GoldenAh: She’s changed quite a bit from her early days. It could be her “advisers” doing this, or she feels she wants to be “edgy”. I wish most female singers / actresses would realize very few people want to see them: flashing their nether regions, naked, drunk, tripping on drugs or whatever stupid things they can think of. It is boring. They aren’t the first to do this stuff and wont be the last.

  2. Not interested in anything Rihanna does, since she’s a bad role model for black girls and black women. Undressing in her hotel room in full view of the media etc. Not that anyone should look to celebs as role models. Its too bad that Rihanna is such a misogynistic black woman. Because when you take out the sex and glorification of violence from her music, there would be no music. But that’s why I don’t listen to her or pay attention to anything she does.

  3. Rihanna has been on NigNore since she’s selected herself as defender of and cannon fodder for Beat Her Down Brown. Sometimes the most deadly poison comes in pretty packages. This song was probably about her lamenting over the guy who almost killed her. SMH.

    GoldenAh: Seriously? Dang. When I heard it on the radio I didn’t know it was her. There’s a song with pink & fun that sounds a bit similar. Could swear I heard that one before.

  4. I have never in my life heard Rihanna sing I will have to check this out.

    GoldenAh: I don’t know most singers. I took note of this one because it sounded familiar and I was surprised by who made it.

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