Open Forum: What’s On Your Mind? Talking About Self-Control and Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. May our troops, veterans and allies stay safe.


Time Travel(s)

I’m in the middle of a long, lovely, idyllic and idle weekend. Rather cold, but I like it like that. I remember a couple of summers a few years back that were rather chilly. Time is going by much too quickly, as usual. When we work, the week drags. When we have days off, they simply fly by. And I cannot believe it is half-way, mid-way through the year.

So, I’ve been asking myself lately:

  • What have I been doing?
  • Is it moving me forward?
  • Have I advanced in any way?
  • Have I (re)moved any major milestones?

I verbally spank myself a great deal. I try not to be annoyed with myself so much. To me, the perfect state of being is literally a blank mind. I wont be able to sleep if I cannot do that. I wont be able to drive. I wont be able to function. I often dwell and think too much about really really unimportant things I have absolutely no control over, because I do not want to focus on the big things that I must do.

Getting It Done

My approach for dealing with life is usually two track: 1) Little bites, 2) Big major moves.

It’s surprising to me, although it shouldn’t, how often I stay on the same track. It’s good when it is applied to stubbornly working to accomplish a difficult long term task, yet deadly when it’s used for avoidance and getting stuck in a rut.

Does that make sense? I know I’m beating dead horses in my life. I recognize it. Yet, I wont stop it. I discover notes, diaries and checklists from years ago. Same stuff, different day. Nothing seems to be changing.

Do you know how aggravating that is?

One of the things I’m always looking at is, How do I move forward? My personality, which I’ve been trying to change, or adjust for these situations, and for such a long time, I consider to be one of my greatest impediments. It is great for somethings. I am a Pitt Bull where it counts.

And I don’t ask for much. My list is quite short. However, it requires multiple steps to get there.

Lost in Lack of Self-Control

On some level, I think I can understand why people get up and run away, take too many prescription drugs, drink, get high all the time, work excessively long hours, push themselves too hard, are addicted to pain, pleasure and dangerous (sometimes criminal) activities. It’s about the distraction. It’s about getting the mind off that groove.

Unfortunately, it’s replacing one deep ditch for another. And one could get lost in the self for many years, forgetting what one wanted in the first place.

There’s this perfect limbo between absolute killing boredom and excitement so keen you could die of bliss. One cannot always chase the bliss … it can be destructive. But when you have to keep a certain state of equanimity day after day, month after month, because that is life… Oh goodness, life is extremely tedious.

I think it is a fine recipe for going bonkers.

So, what to do?


Everyone can talk about what’s on their minds. I’m just doing a little mental purging. 😀



21 thoughts on “Open Forum: What’s On Your Mind? Talking About Self-Control and Happy Memorial Day”

  1. @oshun

    Slight of hand my friend…

    that is my fear, honestly I think if they can disarm a large portion of the population things will get bad.

    I love my country but I hate and fear my government, its sad. Maybe It was a late evening of wine and rebel songs but I fear in the near future Americans will Americans again. I hope I am wrong.

    Look up Agenda 21. If you are on Facebook look up Citizens For Liberty, a very civic minded and good group of people.

    They like many other patriot groups could really use the support of people like you and many of the ladies on here. I just dont think many of them know how or are nervous about reaching outside the tradtional areas of support for the Constitution and Civil liberties as the common myth is the all minorities support federal power grabs.

    Hope this makes some sense as I am a bit hung over at the moment.

  2. @Dreadnaught

    I didn’t notice that. I just googled and wow. I think they have been doing a form of that online before. This country sucks so bad. I really hope this is not the 4th Reich, but its feeling like that.

  3. @Oshun..well said! the problem is we need to wake up this country and the people here, we allow every little thing to divide us, and sadly its the media. Did you hear during the Zimmerman trial they removed the anti-propganda laws ?

  4. Hi Betty,

    Just stopping by to see how you are doing…:)

    “I’m not going to be forgiving of liars, cheaters and thieves. I’m going to be fighting (with a smile!) down to the last word, nickel and dime. I’m wondering when / why this society has turned into a liar’s paradise.”

    Good policy! Good for you. I can really relate to that esp. regarding an ill family member.

    Re: health care workers- So true and I think they are grossly underpaid. Caretaking is hard work. And I agree with your thoughts about how your loved ones are being treated when you are not there.

    On food:

    “I cannot eat pizza anymore. Maybe it’s the cheese – never bothered me before – but now, I cannot tolerate it.”

    Some cheese is not real. And they put god awful chemicals in shredded cheese as a separator to keep its ‘nice’ shredded appearance.

    “So, the list of foods I cannot eat has grown. I think peanuts / peanut butter are out too. They are putting way too many unnatural additives into foods.”

    I am in the same boat. I bought some apples once from a store I normally don’t purchase from and they had a chemical smell and taste even after repeated washing. I bought some PButter and it had a waxy non peanut taste.

    Re China – and yet China will not accept many of our foods due to the chemicals and GMOs that we have. I don’t know. Something is definitely not clean in the water.

    I eat frozen, but am particular about canned due to the BPAs. I am meat eater as well and that is getting expensive because I source from a butcher who sources from a farm. I have also sourced my own meat from a farmer and slaughtered myself from time to time. But that can be tricky as I live in the city and was scared of getting caught- either driving with livestock or keeping them in the backyard for a time. But you can definitely taste the difference.

    “That person occupying the White House has managed to completely destroy my faith in the US government. Something is really wrong with this government. This is the first time I’ve seen the FBI not arrest a politician or government employee for corruption, perjury or something.”

    Agreed with all of the above.

  5. Betty,

    I’m glad to hear things are looking up. And, I’m thankful my words of encouragement were useful.

    GoldenAh: Yes, they were. I’m a very internal person and it’s good to hear another perspective. It provides the best breakthrough for me, otherwise I can end up chasing my tail… 🙂

  6. I would like to add, I think the powers that be, selected Obama for the presidency for a reason.

  7. Oshun,
    I am more shocked that people are willing to accept it. Anyone who speaks out is considered the bad guy.

    What does encourage me is that alot of younger people in the early 20s mostly are getting more involved.

  8. @Dreadnaught

    I agree. I am even more appalled at the responses of some of my fellow Americans to these revelations.

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