How’s It Going Folks?

Things are definitely looking up for my family member. No longer seriously ill and the recovery is coming along nicely.

Thanks for all the well wishes. Now, I can totally stop worrying – at least about this…. Β πŸ˜€


So, what’s new?

I figure I’d throw something up just to let you know I’m still here. I was going to write a detailed long winded post, but not right now. It takes me time to sink my teeth into a subject. That’s how it is being a slow writer.


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I went down to Atlantic City the day after 4th of July. The boardwalk has been rebuilt and you wouldn’t even know that Hurricane Sandy had thoroughly trashed and wiped it away.

[I don’t know any of the people in the pictures, and I’m not in any of them!]

IMG_20130705_172525 IMG_20130705_172323 IMG_20130705_172319 IMG_20130705_172259 IMG_20130705_172254



Anyway, hope everyone is taking care of business and doing all right.



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  1. Thank you Formavtiae! It has been in the works for a while. A lot of starts and stops. False leads and dead ends, but I kept going. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I hope this all continues…

  2. @ Goldie

    You are welcome! Yes, I remembered. I am wishing much luck and success with all of your goals!

    And thank you for the Congrats!

    I am a little scared of Henna as I love color so much, but I have seen the results and it looks awesome. I am sure you will look lovely. It can be your birthday treat. πŸ™‚

    “I’m thinking I don’t want to grow old in the USA, not if it continues on this track.”

    I have been thinking this too. I had a WW friend who is now an ex-friend, thank the heavens, that I said that to last year and she was shocked. She was just flabbergasted that I could even think that any other country could be better than the U.S. I looked at her like are you crazy?? What planet are you living on? Do you not see what is happeneing?

    I don’t want to get old here either. I am scared as hades. This place is a mess. And I don’t want to be collateral damage.

    It seems like all the people I used to know even people in my family are on the razor’s edge. (Knock hard on wood) Underemployed or unemployed + DBR BM and BW who keep having babies like it is 1945 and we are going through an economic boom = disaster.

    I have mule aunts who work full time and have nothing to show for it. They keep coming around asking for financial help and food because they are supporting DBR family who do nothing, but leech and keep up drama and discord and have babies. These women are too young for assistance late 40s- 50s and make too much money according to the poverty scale, but they are drowning.

    They have taken in a lot of DBRs (sons usually) and their baby mamas, and toddlers and newborns. And the suffering is palatable.

    I have one aunt who is supporting her son, his wife, and their two children. Sometimes their utilities are on and sometimes not. Sometimes the rent gets paid and sometimes it is 4 months behind.

    I am not an advocate for aid, but they need to apply for it. And they won’t. They won’t even try to get food stamps, which is the least they could do, and then buy food for the whole house. They also will not clean or cook and then will cuss her out. So she comes over here hunting for food.

    Then the people on her job are trying to force her out because they want to use temp workers not people they have to pay benefits too. If she loses her job she is up crap creek and so are they.

    My next door 40 something neighbor is one of the sorriest things I have ever seen. He has moved in with his grandmother and is leeching off of her because I guess it is so hard out there that baby mamas and desperate women are putting these men out. I am noticing a phenomenon where DBRs are just piling up on older female family members like never before.

    And then they are talking about drug law reform, which I guess is good, but if these men could not get it together to at least get a good side hustle going before they went to prison like lawn service, roofing, plumbing

    (and I don’t need excuses because among the older generation of men in my family non of them were certified, but if we need some pipes replaced or a room added on or an engine rebuilt or some new wiring run we call them and the end result works)

    …then how are these guys going to be after these changes take place?

    I keep trying to run interference because I don’t want anyone around me. I am moving as fast as I can. I told my mother to keep her mouth SHUT about my new job and my side hustle. For the first time in my life I am GLAD that people underestimate me.

    I let people think I still have my old piece of job, but lately I have been telling them that I am unemployed. This works well because I will be working from home a bit. I don’t want anyone making me a target.

    Just this week one my mom’s friends had someone try and break into her shed. She said that she lived in the same neighborhood for almost 30 years and no one has ever tried to rob her. I am hoping her house isn’t next.

    Wow a 90 minute commute. Goodness. That is ridiculous. I don’t know how people do it. I told my mom when I was looking for something better that I wanted the option to telecommute because gas was going crazy. I refuse to spend 4.00 a gallon. That would really add up and the time aspect like you said of the commute itself.

    I am sending positive goal accomplishment vibes your way!

  3. Rich black men like Russel simmons – defender of black men only. While denigrating or not defending black women every chance he gets. And thinking he has two daughters who he would not want anyone joking about harming. Turning black women and slavery into a joke with harriet tubman is unforgivable. And I’m sure that clowning trayvon martin or oscar grant would cause outrage among blacks. While doing the same to black women is considered funny. No other race of men on the planet disrespects women like black men. Black men as a collective are losers.

  4. The job telecommutes…so I can move around at will and work on the side hustle more freely.

    GoldenAh: Sweet. That is nice. My job commute is knocking the stuffing out of me. In what should take 45 minutes sometimes takes 90 minutes to get home. Traffic is crazy these days. I’m too tired these days….

  5. Update on me. I got a much better job. I start in September. Networking is paying off. Side hustle is coming together. Still planning on leaving the country.

    I am a white man magnet. Its odd. I can be in a sea of black people and any wm in a 1/2 mile radius will find me. I kid…but seriously.

    I have mastered the art of the two strand twist. I finally colored my hair. It is not the color I originally wanted, but it is easier and works. I also have blonde highlights that I do myself.

    Finally got some more clothes and shoes.

    GoldenAh: Awesome. Good for you and congratulations, Oshun! If I had time I’d put henna in my hair, but it’s a lot of work. Maybe the next holiday weekend, I’ll take a day and get down to it.

    I’m thinking I don’t want to grow old in the USA, not if it continues on this track. I cannot blame Tina Turner, if I had her bank, I’d leave too and stay gone. In this day and age, there’s nothing the USA has that other countries don’t have (if not better).

    As long as you have the right skills, you can go anywhere.

  6. Hi Betty!

    I am so glad that things are better for you! I am going to wish you an early birthday as I know it is coming up…Leo’s are supposed to be getting a big boost this month! Here’s sending some sunshine and fairy dust your way!

    GoldenAh: Thank you, Oshun! You remembered that I’m a Leo? I’m flattered. Yeah, the b’day is rolling around. That’s why I’m pressing to get things I’ve been putting off done. I figured the stars may be aligned to allow me to do it more smoothly, if not easier, and faster. I’m always careful what I wish for since the Devil is always waiting to get into the details. πŸ˜€

  7. Hello, Betty.

    It always makes me happy to hear about the recovery of patients. I’M GLAD this period of testing is now lifting for you. It’s such a relief to have positive outcomes after remaining strong during a series of trials.


    GoldenAh: Well, I’ve been scrambling the “jets” and getting my act together. Been working hard to resolve one issue after another, in between having panic attacks. I really don’t like to lose. πŸ˜€

    My relative is coming along nicely. I think when someone is ill, the best we can do is show up and somehow give them our strength by letting them know we believe they will get better. It’s the only philosophy I can adhere to. I don’t express pessimism, but admiration for the speed of their recovery. Best I can do.

    And thank you for your support, Formavitae. It is appreciated. πŸ™‚

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