How’s It Going Folks?

Things are definitely looking up for my family member. No longer seriously ill and the recovery is coming along nicely.

Thanks for all the well wishes. Now, I can totally stop worrying – at least about this….  😀


So, what’s new?

I figure I’d throw something up just to let you know I’m still here. I was going to write a detailed long winded post, but not right now. It takes me time to sink my teeth into a subject. That’s how it is being a slow writer.


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I went down to Atlantic City the day after 4th of July. The boardwalk has been rebuilt and you wouldn’t even know that Hurricane Sandy had thoroughly trashed and wiped it away.

[I don’t know any of the people in the pictures, and I’m not in any of them!]

IMG_20130705_172525 IMG_20130705_172323 IMG_20130705_172319 IMG_20130705_172259 IMG_20130705_172254



Anyway, hope everyone is taking care of business and doing all right.



40 thoughts on “How’s It Going Folks?”

  1. @ Formavitae

    It is. And I want to keep the drama and the bad juju faaar away from me. Sometimes I feel like jumping out of my skin and running away because things aren’t moving fast enough, but I know that wouldn’t be wise.

    Congratulations on the opportunity coming back around for you! That is wonderful news!

    Thank you for the kind wishes and you do the same with sharing your good news! 🙂

  2. I saw what you were talking about Shelia. Not the video, but I saw some screencaptures. I am not surprised. Not at all. I am sure it was very calculated. Its not like this guy doesn’t have a brain.

  3. @Sheila

    Russell is SO DISGUSTING. This debacle just goes to show you how self-loathing and apathetic AAs have become. I can imagine any other culture making such a mockery of their ancestors and heroes. AAs just don’t know what is funny.

    This guy is SOOOO UNATTRACTIVE. He’s lucky he’s got money, otherwise he’d have a hard time getting laid. It’s time for him to go the way of the dinosaur, since he already looks like one.

  4. @Oshun



    I’m glad you’re keeping the bad seeds away from you. And, I hope this fortuitous streak continues for you, also.

    While I look forward to traveling outside the U.S., I still feel optimistic about my opportunities within the country. But, whenever, I hear about AA women relocating and expanding their options abroad, I get SO EXCITED! So, I wish you the best, on your quest.

    I have been kind of tired of my grind lately. But, life has brought a wonderful opportunity I thought I’d missed back into my grasp. So, I am both excited and scared to take hold of the reins and move forward. But, I’m going to. I feel fortunate and blessed.

    Well, keep up the good work, and continue to share your joyous news! 🙂

  5. No worries Oshun! 😉 😉 I’m not even attracted to black men. So they’re not even on my radar. Just making the correlation between many blacks who dislike racist whites, but have nothing to say about the black people who kill and abuse each other daily in violent communities. And black men keep proving my point of how they much they hate black women when they keep publicly denigrating or abusing them, and then offering fake apologies.

  6. @Shelia

    You are going to have to just turn away from them. Those types are your enemy. I know it is upsetting, but the best protection you will get is from other groups of men who are normal.

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