How’s It Going Folks?

Things are definitely looking up for my family member. No longer seriously ill and the recovery is coming along nicely.

Thanks for all the well wishes. Now, I can totally stop worrying – at least about this….  😀


So, what’s new?

I figure I’d throw something up just to let you know I’m still here. I was going to write a detailed long winded post, but not right now. It takes me time to sink my teeth into a subject. That’s how it is being a slow writer.


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I went down to Atlantic City the day after 4th of July. The boardwalk has been rebuilt and you wouldn’t even know that Hurricane Sandy had thoroughly trashed and wiped it away.

[I don’t know any of the people in the pictures, and I’m not in any of them!]

IMG_20130705_172525 IMG_20130705_172323 IMG_20130705_172319 IMG_20130705_172259 IMG_20130705_172254



Anyway, hope everyone is taking care of business and doing all right.



40 thoughts on “How’s It Going Folks?”

  1. Actually, one of them was black (the one who made the 90% of white people are nasty comment). The other one (who pulled the trigger) is biracial. His mother is white, I have no idea if his black father is in the picture. The third boy (who drove the car) is white, and he even has a pregnant teenage girlfriend.

    At first, I didn’t buy the whole ‘hate crime’ angle. I thought some people were just reluctant to believe that a bunch of ‘kids’ could just randomly murder an innocent stranger because they……..were………’bored’! However, I have become quite disgusted with how so many negroes on t.v have been so willing to dismiss the online racist rants of one of the killers, and keep on mentioning that one of them was white. If it had been the other way around, and a white teenage boy had killed a young, goodlooking, black male university student, would they be wiling to dismiss his racist rants? There was even a bm on the news trying to blame it on some new type of drugs, even though there has been no indication that these three fools were high (not that it’s relevant).

    The father of the black one even said that his son was ‘innocent’, because he didn’t ‘pull the trigger’. Black folks need to understand that the time when they could say stuff, then complain when others say the EXACT SAME THING BACK has passed. These three thugs are going away for a long time, hopefully for the rest of their lives.

  2. @Truth…you are so right! I mean, yes, a lot of racist WM have killed innocent Black people and we should always keep that in mind.

    But I think some folks (like these little punks) decide to target innocent non-black people and due to the history of race relations in this country, it most likely won’t be viewed as a hate crime.

    All of the evil and violence and hate just needs to stop…I wish it would.

  3. @MB it seems that way to me too.I’m actually hoping that this ISN’T the case.This could end up meaning danger for innocent black people

  4. @Truth…one of the boys looks like he could be biracial to me (the one with light brown hair), but the other two look undeniably black. I haven’t seen their parents, though. But yes, I agree that it could definitely have been motivated by the fact that Chris Lane was white. I wouldn’t be surprised if they laughed about it after they killed him.

    This world is terrifying sometimes. 🙁

  5. @TRUTH p.

    It most assuredly was, the problem is nothing will happen, its only a hate crime if it is the other way around.

  6. Hi,Betty. I’m beginning to think that the murder of Christopher Lane WAS a hate crime.Even though some deny it.I believe two of the boys are biracial with black fathers and the one who pulled the trigger is black and has a white girlfriend and previously wrote that he hates 90% of white people.I am beginning to think the crime was based on the race and gender of Christopher Lane.

  7. Glad that all is well with your family member! That’s great news and I’m sure a great relief for you!

    Those photos are absolutely beautiful. I’ve never been to Atlantic City, not much of a gambler, but I’d still like to make my way there some time as I’m sure there’s more to the city than that.

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