2 Replies to “Stretching Natural Hair Without Heat”

  1. Can you imagine how banging those knots would’ve been with a little Qhemet Heavy Cream?

    Wow she has some beautiful hair. 100% au naturel!

    GoldenAh: You have me curious, so Qhemet Heavy Cream is nice? Uh oh, I feel the product junkie jones coming on. 😀

    The only way I could straighten my hair like that is by blow drying. But when I have time I’m going to try this. Her hair is fantastic.

  2. Yes its wonderful. They have sample sizes that you can try. You can find tons of reviews on Youtube and Nappturality.

    I swear by their products 🙂

    GoldenAh: Thanks. I’ll check ’em out.

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