Cynicism is not a sign of intelligence, sophistication, a necessity, or a useful adherence to something called “keepin’ it real.”

All creatures with a smidgen of gray matter learn from painful mistakes. Among primates learning comes from doing and watching. Human are able to learn from listening, reading, watching, and doing. They can retain a lot of relatively complex information whether from personal or learned experience.

People live by parable, myths, storytellings, griots, history lessons, stereotypes, propaganda, and disinformation from Hollywood films, among other things.

Today, we live with too much information.

Granted, that leads to healthy skepticism, of which I am a party to. However, some people take cynicism to the point of rancidity. Everything is suspect, there are no positive outcomes. Life sucks; before you die you will be robbed, cheated, and discriminated against. Everyone hates you, so don’t even hope for the best, don’t be optimistic, because that only makes you a fool.

These aren’t the expressed thoughts of people with occasional and understandable bouts of cynicism, this is chronic and bitter stupidity. The sad part is that a lot of it leaks from blogs, websites, and general contact from people who claim to be educated with advanced degrees.

The only impression I’m left with is the following joke:

  • What do you get when a donkey graduates from college?
  • A wise ass.

Crabs are lonely in their barrel.

A small personal example: many years ago I was on a train heading for a job interview. I like to dress nicely. This black guy sees me, and purposefully makes his way to sit across from me.

We exchanged pleasantries. He asked me what I’m about. I tell him about the job prospects.

Well, this fellow decided he has to school me. Out of his mouth flowed a long winded pessimistic rant, a dribble of incoherent knowledge-speak, masked as keepin’ it real. All he did was provide a context for why he could not get anywhere.

His comments went in one ear and out the other. It’s been the modus operandi of my entire life. Losers always justify their failures. If life isn’t working out for you – that’s your problem.

Oh yeah, they wanted to hire me, because I stayed positive during the interview, even after that foul and cynical attempt at negative conditioning and brainwashing.

Keep the negative stink to yourself.

However, I vow to give people the benefit of the doubt. We should all give hope the benefit of the doubt. Give the aspirations of the others the benefit of the doubt.

If you don’t care for the inner / outer workings and thoughts of others, leave them alone.

Stepping off my soapbox.

Have a nice day!