2 thoughts on “2nd to My Obsession with Men Is Natural Hair and the Blow-Out”

  1. I had to watch the video twice, because the first time I danced right through the tutorial. Couldn’t help it, the music was calling me!

    I’ve always been interested in how the blow-out was done. I have several cousins who’ve gone to Dominican salons & I’ve always loved the way their hair looks.

    GoldenAh: If I wasn’t such a sweaty head I would do that right now. The best time for me is Fall or Winter.

    Thanks for stopping by, Melany. 😀

  2. I have natural hair and it is definately a challenge. I have to say I had not idea our hair could blow dry that straight. I might have to try it when I have time

    GoldenAh: I use this blow dryer to get my hair semi-straight sometimes, because it has a built-in comb. It’s called Infiniti by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Wet Dry Straightening Hot Air Styler. Say that fast three times. 😀

    I think doing the blow out is fine, if it’s once in a blue moon, otherwise that brush will tear a lot of hair out and damage it.

    Thanks for stopping by, HarleyQ2.

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