I Miss Wearing A Lot of Jewelry

I used to wear a lot of jewelry: brooches, necklaces, a half dozen bracelets and nearly a ring on every finger. Gradually, over the years, I’ve worn less. Now, I am down to two modest sized gold hoop earrings. I can’t even wear rings anymore.

It’s tragic! I love jewelry!

I can’t even wear costume jewelry, fake gold, silver or even bronze. I’ve always had an allergic reaction to touching metal, but over the years it’s gotten worse.

For instance, when I go shopping I do not touch the doors of the store, metal coat racks, counter tops, or even coat hangers. If I do my palms and fingers will itch, tingle, and swell up. Whenever I ride the subway in NYC, I wear gloves.

I’m one of those people that’s always heading off to the ladies room to wash her hands. I do this to ward off any finger swelling.
I still like necklaces, except that they get tangled in my nape hair and clothes.