No Wedding No Womb

No Wedding No Womb


The post regarding this topic can be found here: Black Women – Devil’s Advocate: Are Black Males Real Men?

That question is meant to challenge the relationship dynamic and mate selection criteria of black women today….

It’s something to think about.

Thanks to Christelyn D. Karazin, founder and organizer, No Wedding No Womb! for inviting me to contribute, and spear heading this movement.



From Connie Whitener via

On September 22 – the 148th anniversary of The Emancipation Proclamation – African American writers throughout the United States are being encouraged to flood the blogosphere for an entire day of online debate, information, and commentary under the auspices of “No Wedding, No Womb!” (NWNW) an initiative that seeks to address the problems of-and provide solutions to-the unplanned pregnancies among African American single women. Nearly half of all families in the African American community are headed by Black women. In addition, more than 70 percent of live births in the Black community are to unmarried women.


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  1. Queen and Yellowmoon
    It’s gonna have a theme song and everything ya’ll.

    Sample Lyrics
    Girl I tried to tell you he wasn’t nothing
    but you had to go and try to make him into something
    and now he’s got you where he wants you trapped at home with him
    while he’s out there chasing every becky, li and kim
    oh whats a girl to do………I’ll tell you what to do
    Sew Yo Pu**y Up
    girl you know it works
    SYPU oh it don’t even hurt


  2. I wish I hadn’t missed the mark to sign up, but I love the idea of forgoing the leaders and and having the community do for themselves. Al and the others sure haven’t done anything and gov programs make it worse, because they don’t understand the needs of the people. The fed gov is too big to do something like that. It’s going to have to be the local community.

    GoldenAh: I think you still can. I almost said, “No.” Because I was wondering what I’d say. I’ve known a few girls / women who’ve made the decision to have children alone or were impressionable kids. There are so many factors. I bet 100 bloggers is only touching the tip of the iceberg.

    I googled the expression No Wedding No Womb. Amazing to see the number of hits. I give Christelyn her props. She could school folks on true PR.

    Well, Pres Obama said we are the change we’re looking for. So we are our own leaders. 🙂

    The year is almost over. We gotta hit some milestones. Right? 😀

  3. Is this movement promoting abstinence? OR is it simply telling women not to have children out of wedlock. I’m confused…

    GoldenAh: I should be able to clarify that, shouldn’t I? 😀

    From what I’ve gathered, it’s intended towards young girls / women and young men to think about the consequences of having children without the benefit of marriage. I don’t know if it’s about abstinence, since that’s nearly an impossible task today. Perhaps it’s more about thinking of having children in marriage as opposed to having it outside of marriage.

    I don’t know how black people could make the cultural shift back towards marriage. I suppose this is a start….

    I hope I helped shed some light on the topic.

  4. Bellydancer –

    I laughed so hard when I read the last sentence of your post that I almost threw up. My stomach still hurts.

  5. No problem I am on fire today because my youngest sister just had her first baby monday and already she is getting on everyone’s nerves with request to do stuff and everytime you ask where the baby daddy at she starts talking about that’s my business. So I got some of these silly bitches in my family too I just look at her and smh, she only had this baby for attention and the father already has 2 children and has another one on the way next month. SMDH
    I’m gonna start a movement called SYPU (Sew Yo Pu**y Up) cuz some of them need it

  6. A study was done on birth control sabotage and how that affects oow births.

    Domestic Violence and Birth Control Sabotage:
    A Report from the Teen Parent Project
    Executive Summary

    entire report available at

    GoldenAh: I believe that a lot of teen pregnancies are a manifestation of rape and abuse, not a young girl in “love” with some older guy.

    Thanks for the information, Bellydancer. 😀

  7. Ah…yes. I’m a firm believer in this (though I don’t necessarily ID as “Christian”)….this is the main reason I didn’t have kids…I was the child of a single mom….who was also the child of a single mom. I decided EARLY on (around 12 or so) NOT to follow in their footsteps. I love my Mom and Grams dearly….but, I chose a different path. More young women (and a few not so young) need to PAY ATTENTION.

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