Peace: The Way Within and Without

I am someone more fond of hearing a joke as opposed to a serious news story of the day. I didn’t and don’t want to know who got shot, stabbed, and died tragically. I got rid of my television set, so I could get a good night’s sleep.

I enjoy my peace.

The news used to bother me so bad, that I found myself crying after some stories. Why inflict that upon myself, then get ready for bed? Was it any wonder I was having nightmares?

That was years ago
. Can’t rock my cradle now.

Ever worked with people who spent the day trying to work your last nerve? Based on the situation, I’d say: “I document everything I say. I document everything people say and do to me. That information is collected for a period of time, before I head off to HR.”

It is so effective, and the work gets done stress free.

Stress is a component of life, but how much is too much? Too much is that twitch in your left/right eye. Too much is that stabbing pain in your chest, gut, back and shoulders. Too much is that strain in your voice: have you been shouting lately? Is your hair coming out? Are you gaining weight? Are you losing weight?

Take a break
. Do it now. If you are being overwhelmed: ask for help. If that wont do it: take a sick day. If that wont do it: take a vacation. If that really wont do it: quit.

Taking a break doesn’t only pertain to work, this applies to everything dragging you down: toxic relationships, a bad habit you wont quit, refusing to make important decisions, etc.

When one is in search of peace, it never hurts to run away as fast and far as you can. It’s either fight or flight. If you can’t manage the fight now: Run! Come back later and fight those battles later, or not at all.

Seek peace: reward yourself.


Life is Political: Climate Change

I love this time of year. I love this approaching fall season. I feel like anything and everything is possible at this moment.

Lots of people have big significant causes, or lifelong projects that get them up in the morning. I’m rarely attracted to a cause, at least, not anymore.

I’ve done my share of getting people to sign petitions while in college. I’ve been part of a handful of marches against apartheid. I went up to Harlem to see Nelson Mandela in his historic visit to America.

I can say I’ve been somewhere sometimes when historical events happened. But the reality is – I didn’t feel as if my presence was significant. Was it? Who can tell?

I’m not the leader of the pack type of individual. I’m not a follower either. I believe in God, fiercely, but you will not find me at church.

I think if I was to be a person fiercely devoted to a religion, I’d convert to Judaism. Why not go to the source? I’m thinking. Actually, when I was kid, I wanted to study Judaism, Christianity didn’t interest me. I figured if I’m reading the Bible about Hebrews, why not become one? Yet, I’m part of enough persecuted groups, why add another?

One of the most annoying things in modern life are some people’s relentless search for a worthy cause. I’m not knocking them. I hate being the recipient of this patronizing proselytizing. If I’m not apoplectic about Climate Change, Ending World Poverty, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, you name it, then I’m not out to make a difference, or I’m a bad person.

I respect people who are more than willing to shed blood for their beliefs. (Come on now, I don’t mean terrorists. Think Civil Rights activists.)

I don’t respect those striving for moral superiority vanity points. It’s not that you care, you just want to elevate yourself above others by pretending to.

There’s a section in Proverbs about people who do good and not brag about it. So, when someone wants to lecture me about a cause, I’d advise them to can it. You don’t know me, and you don’t know what I am about, and I certainly don’t need to prove anything to anyone.


Vanity Check: Hair and Body

When one is as vain (sometimes) as I am, I like to periodically do the head and body check.

Finally, lost another inch, down to 39-30-39. I was able to squeeze into a pair of Levi’s size 12 (super stretcher!). Counting from my highest weight (almost two years ago), I’ve lost 40 lbs.

Oh the vanity! My hair is finally (sorta) armpit length – if you pull hard enough! Well, if I flat ironed (I’m tempted) it would be armpit length. But my hair is soooo delicate, any heat and there would be immediate breakage. That’s just the way it is. So most of the time I keep it twisted, bundled up, or under wraps.

The hard part begins when it gets cooler, I get really really hungry. All the cold foods and drinks I had for the summer, I cannot tolerate even in late late summer.

Gotta find warm filling foods that are still low in calories. Boy, that’s gonna be fun, especially during the coming get fat holidays.

Labor Day
is a funny concept. It’s celebrated by people not working. Just thought I’d toss that lame joke in here.

Heads up: the political season officially begins, I might start writing about it.