Blog Post for Friday: Deep Conditioning / My Own Concoction

Washed my hair this evening.

Oh, I love washing it too much.

Yet, I have to. I work out daily. And who wants to be engaging with people with a stinky head? It’s so not cool.

I made up a deep conditioning concoction. Made my hair so soft and smooth. Ummm. My hair loves oil in a creamy conditioner. I didn’t even have to blow dry. I had no knots! no tangles! very little shedding!

Aside from a few strokes, I did not (ok, barely) have to comb my hair!

Ingredients: Queen Helene Cholesterol, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Rain Coconut Conditioner, and the last of my Suave Coconut Conditioner.

I put the mixture into one of those wonderful McDonald’s plastic, sorta styrofoam (?) hard cup. I save the cups for henna mixtures too. I stirred my batch last night, and let it sit overnight.


Blog Post for Friday: The Pe(s)t

My cat is a 16 pound guy (pest) who tells me when it is time to eat.

In case I don’t get the message, he will glare at me for an hour or so. This will be followed by knocking over things to get my attention. Should that fail he’ll approach, and try to bite my ankles.

He’s a bit of a toe freak too.

If my Mom pets him too much and he’s had enough, he’ll reach out with his left paw (he’s ambidextrous too), and smack her hand away. He’ll follow with a right hook and meow like’s he’s upset.

He’s playful, and hits hard.

I don’t know how I ended up with such a bad animal. At least he doesn’t piss or buries excrement on the furniture. A crazy cat will do things like that.

He’s fussy. Muss up his fur and he’ll immediately commence to licking himself. He makes me wonder about people who refuse to groom themselves.

He’ll look up at me and meow like he thinks I will understand him. Who knows? Maybe on some level I do.

He’s very much a lap cat. He’s very affectionate. I can barely tolerate hugging people.

So when I’ve had enough of the purring and staring, I’ll toss him off of me.


Blog Post for Friday: Useless Blogging Advice

Rules I read a while ago. What was funny is that some of the most successful blogs break all these rules.

Blog consistently. Every day. Every other day. One must blog all the time.

Blogging about pets is a no-no.

Blogging about babies is a no-no.

Blogging about one topic all-the-time is a no-no.

Blogging about the intricate nonsense of your life is a no-no.

Don’t blog while drunk.

Don’t ever blog while angry.

Don’t create a blog solely to express anger.

Don’t create a blog with your real name.

Don’t blog with your real name.

Join every social networking website on the Internet.

Don’t join every social networking website on the Internet.

Have you opened a Twit(ter) account yet?

Don’t open a Twitter account.

Blogs should have a consistent theme, stick with it.


Natural hair: Follow the leader method by FamilyGoingNatural

Oh, she is so correct.

I understand that women are trying to find out what works for their hair, but it is like some don’t understand – keep it simple. If it feels “coarse” there may not be a product that softens it up, but if there is it shouldn’t be something harsh. A gradual approach – often using less products (1 or 2) is best.

The skin of our scalps is the thinnest part on the body. I don’t get why we are so rough with our hair, it’s very, very delicate. We have to ease up and leave it alone sometimes, even if we don’t think it looks spectacular.

Too many of us are going bald, because we “play” with it too much, and with too many toxic products.

Keep it simple: wash, condition, and keep it moist.

Treat your natural hair with lots of love and affection, then Leave It Alone!