Movie Weekend: The Entertainment Bind

I’m contemplating a couple of movies to see tomorrow.

Why? I’m the Scrooge of Halloween. Nothing works my nerves like rude, ungrateful brats, looking for candy. They’ll ring the doorbell until, I swear, it could be heard in the next county. They’ll complain about not receiving enough sugary treats, or don’t bother to say, “Thank you.”

Do I want to spend my money on these critters? No.

Movies to Consider

There’s quite a few “black” films, or which has a black lead, out in release right now, or maybe coming soon.

  1. Law Abiding Citizen,  
  2. Precious,  
  3. Black Dynamite,
  4. Good Hair,
  5. and because I like horror flicks, Paranormal.

Good Hair

I’m indifferent to Chris Rock. His high-pitched, squeaky voice is an unwelcoming, unmanly, distraction. I have no compelling reason to see anything he’s “acting in”, directed, or has any involvement with. The one role he played well was a crackhead in New Jack City. Very realistic. He has this emaciated, dry mouthed, crazy look down to a science.

Aside from becoming a few shades lighter (doesn’t every black male in Hollywood do this?), he looks exactly the same. One would think with his money, he would get more work done.

Based on clips from Good Hair, which makes me feel I’ve seen the entire movie, I don’t get what’s so revealing. Black actresses / entertainers wear a lot of weaves and wigs. Everyone who sits under hot lights in the industry does, even the men.

I think Chris has figured out if he produces a movie mocking black women, a sizable number of them will come out in droves to support it. You know, under the guise of, “Let’s help a brotha out. ‘Cause if we don’t support films like this others won’t be made.”

And folks still fall for that okey-doke? I’ll be happy if there is never another comedic film targeting black women. Let’s strike Good Hair off my list.

Black Dynamite

It’s a remake of a 1970’s film. I’m fond of black exploitation films. At least the two or three I remember as a child. Back then, there were a wide variety of stories, characters, issues, and some were poignant. Aside from glorious, delicious Afros, and obscure street lingo, what would there be for me to enjoy in Black Dynamite?

I will wait for the DVD. And I will shed no tears, if because I didn’t support this film, another one won’t be made.


I don’t like films like this. I cannot stand them. I don’t even read books like this. The Color Purple was my first and last. Here’s my term for it: abuse pornography.  

Hollywood loves movies about horrendous sexual and domestic abuse, genocide, the evils of war, and what-not. They want to pretend we’re all going to be endowed with awareness, sensitivity, and progressive minded action regarding these manipulative topics.

Really? What’s on the news every night besides deadly body counts, horrid abuse, and devastating crimes?

I have a rebuttal for people who think this opens up the compassion vein in people. No, it does not. Dysfunctional behavior is repulsive and repellent.

If people are acting bizarre, then they are acting bizarre. Abuse as an excuse doesn’t work. The average Jane / Joe is not equipped, trained, as a psychologist to diagnose people’s behavior. Plus, it is irrational to assume nearly everyone was raped by their parents, drug addicts, or are absolute pathetic victims of circumstance.

In aid of what, would this thinking do? There’s nothing new here, moving along.

Law Abiding Citizen

Jamie “shar-pei” Foxx

Hmmm. Gerald Butler is the man from 300. He loves black women. Unfortunately, he’s paired with beady-eyed, Chinese shar-pei face, Jamie Foxx. This is a tough decision.

Hmmm. Gerald plays good guy turned revenge seeking angry man.

Hmmm. A straightforward, thrill seeking, ultra-violent film. He makes things go boom.  No thinking is required.



Made on the cheap. Reminds me of The Blair Witch Project, which made me dizzy more than scared. I watched it with too many interrupts the first time (at home). The only thing I don’t like is the look of high definition “made at home” films. If I want to see poor quality, cheaply made, shoddy entertainment I watch YouTube.

It’s gotten good reviews by the movie audiences. Hmmm. Horror flicks. I like that joke Eddie Murphy made about horror films and white people. Poorly paraphrased here, “If there’s a ghost saying, ‘Get out!’ I’m not staying around to investigate! I’m leaving!”

And that’s what gets me, why stay if there are scary things happening in the home?

Paranormal picture: this is by Paramount Pictures, made for only $15,000.

The Forgotten and Flash Forward

Please keep her working,
Mr. Bruckheimer

I almost want to take a bet on which show, The Forgotten and Flash Forward, is going to last, but I have a suspicion that the one executive produced by J. Bruckheimer will.

It doesn’t mean that Flash Forward will be canceled, I just suspect that The Forgotten wont have trouble being renewed.

Why? It is Without a Trace or Cold Case with a faint touch of CSI wrapped up in a (ex)cop-seeks-redemption show. I watch all of the CSIs, as well as millions of other people, and the formula obviously works.

Without a Trace lasted 7 seasons, and Cold Case is still on. No offense intended, but Kathryn Morris has got to be the whitest creature in the media today. Is that make-up? I like the show, but I’ve gotten creeped out looking at her. I don’t watch it anymore. Not that I can, I don’t have live TV, and unless I want to access it via illegal methods, I can’t see it online. No loss to me.

Flash Forward‘s cast is Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Courtney Vance and Gabrielle Union. There are a few other familiar faces, but this show has an enormous ensemble. Gabrielle Union plays the fiancee of John Cho.

Finally! Producers of TV shows are starting to hookup black women with men of other races. Nice touch! I’m long ways tired of the single, lonely, sexless, humorless, Mammy-for-everybody black female characters on some shows. I’m glad those actresses are working, but there are black women who really do like men, and want a character who looks and acts normal.

I feel that a program like this shouldn’t be a regular series striving to last half a decade or more, but should give itself a specific end date. There are so many programs that should have done this: Heroes and Lost, for example. I fear this show will run out of steam, or become too convoluted, before it ends.

Yet, isn’t that the case with too many shows?

The Forgotten is already my favorite program. The deceased is given a voice. The purpose of The Forgotten Network is to find the identity of a John / Jane Doe, give the person back to their family (to let all rest in peace), and possibly solve a murder. It gives me goose bumps.

It stars a familiar face, Christian Slater (who just had another show canceled) as Alex Donovan, plus a few faces I’m not familiar with. I like Rochelle Aytes (as Grace Russell). Her character worked with Donovan on the Chicago Police Department.

Donovan’s back story: His child was kidnapped. He suffered a nervous breakdown, left the force, and joined The Forgotten Network.

Ever since the fascination with serial killers have gripped our modern media industrial complex, nearly every police drama has been about the murderer. S/He is the star. S/He is the focus of our very warped interest. It is nice to see it turn back to looking at the victim, and how that person’s death affected everyone around them.

It’s not all about pain, it’s about resolution too. I love the way each person is treated with dignity, respect, and allowed to narrate their story. Although, I’m sure there will be episodes about horrible people who were killed.

I like this show, it’s one of the few that show a real respect for life. Yeah, I’m reaching in my analysis, but the death as art and entertainment gets numbing after a while. It’s good that there’s a show that says, this person on the table had a life too, and is not just a piece of entertaining meat to make fun of.

Nice touch ABC, please keep both shows on the air.


Hair: travel style, observations, and conditioner concoction

Returning to Normalcy (Yawn) and Travel Observations

In September, I was away for nearly three (3) weeks, and honestly, it was a downer to return. I never used to feel that way. I used to be so happy to be back in America it wasn’t funny. This was the first time I realized I could have stayed away indefinitely.

I could leave tomorrow, and not look back.

These feelings are not helped by how spoiled I was by my German friend. Talk about a man looking after you! I was truly taken care of. He’s so wonderful, my sweetheart is. And look-out! German men got some incredible legs on them!

What a delight that trip was; I’m truly sorry it had to end!

Listen up! It is not like the grass was greener in the places I went. I simply liked the way people around me behaved. Black women who travel overseas might know what I mean. I would never assume everywhere would be as satisfying as where I went.

The thought that occurred to me on my travels was: why didn’t I come here sooner?

Travel Hair Style

My bed time hair style. I often switch-up.
Ponytails give me a headache.
Looks like yarn, but it’s all mine.

I had blow dried my hair, my Mom parted it for me, before I put it into two-strand twists. I wore this style for three weeks without washing my hair. Eww, I know. I couldn’t risk a head cold, not on an airplane ride back! I’ve had that experience before, and never wanted to repeat it. I thought it was going to be difficult to deal with, but I’d simply wet ‘n wipe, and re-twist my hair after saturating it with my conditioner concoction (see below).

My Mom continues to ask me how people reacted to my hair. (Picture me with my eyebrows raised.) She knows how I am. If I loved Afros on me, and I don’t because of hair knotting, I would have rocked that style daily. My reaction is usually: I could give a rat’s behind what anyone thought. I don’t care what anyone thinks in America; I certainly did not in Europe. I could not care less, and apparently no one else did either.

She thought it looked good. I guess she wondered if anyone was going to compliment me. I was thankful that they liked to mind their own business. I could eat in any restaurant, and not get the stink-eye. The staff was almost always courteous, polite, and nice. I know I do get that here in the USA. Yet, if folks there are watching you eat, they certainly aren’t as obvious as the morons here.

My Mom once said, “Why are they in my mouth watching me take every bite?” Sigh. We’re not even talking high-end: this is in places like Chili’s.

My Hair Concoctions

I love mixing stuff together now. I still can’t wear straight conditioner in my hair, and why would I want to? But the options I gain from mixing is nice. I feel I get an extra ump out of doing this.

I mix Africa’s Best Herbal Oil (with lots of good stuff) with White Rain Conditioner (Coconut). It not only smells good, but leaves my hair feeling really nice. I also used my pure / raw Shea Butter + Aloe Vera + Vitamin E + Castor Oil + Lavender + Ylang Ylang mixture. Both concoctions put moisture into my hair and doesn’t shrink it significantly.