Lost: Season 6

I have a love and hate relationship with this show.

I often dislike its convoluted scripts, and the way it bounces back and forth through time, and doesn’t say so. It takes a while to figure out what is going on. The writers force you to study the show, and pay attention to follow its hard-to-follow (or non-existent) plot lines.

From what I’ve read, a lot of people monitor Lost hard enough to get what’s going on. I enjoy their theories. One day I will patiently go back and watch it back to back, and see if it’s more coherent that way. I watch a lot of shows. Watching back to back reveals a lot more than piecemeal episodes and tons of disruptive commercials.

Perhaps that is the essential appeal of Lost: you have to pay attention.

I started watching Season 6: The Substitute first. This episode was about John Locke, one of my favorite characters, although second to Sawyer. I thought this was a flash back, and not until I went back and watched the first episode did I realize it was about a different time-line. Watching it, you can tell they sorta-experienced the Island Lost Life, but also went on to live as they did. The Island Lost Life is from where they get that deja vu feeling.

Oh, I know about deja vu. I am not one who remembers faces, but when I visit certain places overseas, I feel like I’ve lived there before.

The series introduces a new character named, Dogan, played by Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada. May I say how cute he is? I cannot believe the guy is 50. He doesn’t look a day over thirty-something. Hmm.

I’d jump (lick) the guy. Seriously.

I hope the show wraps up the multiple convoluted and confusing plots, but if there’s a movie in the future, I doubt they will. I only hope they give the show a better ending than what happened with X-Files.


Dear Pepsico,

Please note: I did send this note, via email.

I just heard an ad for your “Refresh Project” and the music of John Mayer, “Waiting.” Is your advocacy also endorsing the words of a racist / sexist bigot? Is David Duke a part of your “Refresh Project” as well?

You hypocrites can drop Tiger Woods, but you let a racist / sexist bigot continue to be a part of your “Refresh” campaign.

I see that as long as you have an overriding phony “good image” to push at us minorities you will keep playing the music of this racist / sexist bigot and tell us that everything is fine.

As far as I am concerned that is not good enough. If he had said offensive things about Jews, you people would not be playing his music, or using any product tie-ins with this man.

Your own racist / sexist hypocritical double-standards are noted and not appreciated. Words wound and money will not wipe the slate clean here. Actions speak louder than words.

I don’t want to hear that John Mayer is endorsed by you people. Drop him from your campaign now.

How about finding some decent people to push your products to the young and sensitive people of the world instead of an ugly racist / sexist spouting bigot?

You people need to try better next time.

Also, don’t send me any corporate-speak blather about how you’re doing okay in spite of having an offensive racist and sexist bigot to tie-in market your products with.

It will never pass the smell test.

Please note: I did send this note, via email.


I realize that a massive junk-food tax, on potato chips, soda, sugary carbonated drinks, and the like, would be an excellent, life-affirming and health improving change for everyone. This is a serious matter, which will effect the health of millions and provide funding for schools, fill state budget gaps, and the like.

It is time I write and let my representatives in the government know that I support this issue.

If you’d like to reach them:
1) Contact Form – http://cr.pepsi.com/usen/pepsiusen.cfm?date=20100222
2) Contact Page with all links – http://www.pepsi.com/index.php?panel=contactus

Updated: 3/12/2010

I have heard the new ad. It sounds more “inclusive” and does not include what’s-his-face music.


Black Women: My Pursuit of Happiness

I love myself. I am relaxed about it. I am mostly cheerful, generous, vain, conceited, selfish, don’t suffer pangs of guilt, and I like women who are this way too. In men, this is a no-no.

I love being a woman. If I could be reincarnated, I wouldn’t hesitate with my choice: same person, same looks, same everything.

I love my family. I love them. I never went around wishing for other folks to be related to.

I love my friends. I love them and their ways. I adore quirky people.

I love to travel. Oh, if I had the money to fly, drive, cruise, sail, and go wherever and whenever I want. If I could travel freely, I would be away from home 6 out of 12 months a year.

I love sunny beaches. Why am I not living in Hawaii, Florida or California? I don’t know. New Jersey has beaches, I suppose that’s good enough.

I love fresh snow, until the next day and the next day and the next day. Cabin fever is getting to me!

I love babies, kittens, puppies and new born things. So adorable….

I love a brand new day. I get another start. I get to start anew. Each day is a gift.

I love to anticipate the good.

I love to think positive.

I love being an optimist.

I love rooting for the underdog.

I love America. I do. No matter where I travel to, I’m overwhelmingly happy to come home. This country is my home. I could easily learn to would love living anywhere else, since I am not an absolutist, but I’m happy here. For now.

Happiness is a deliberate emotion. Happiness is a decision you make each and every day.

I love men. Okay, I love most of them. I don’t blog about the ones I have no interest in. Doesn’t make sense to.

I love self-confident people. I love people who are attractive in spirit and that has nothing to do with perfect features or their external appearance.

I love learning.

I love my curiosity.

I have to remind myself that what I love is much more than what I could possibly hate. I don’t hate that many things, and for those things that I do, it is a very short list. My list of annoyances can be very, very, very long though.

I love life.


The Closer

Mizz Kyra Jaws

I love watching an entire TV series on DVD back to back. I’ve watched about eight episodes of The Closer, and I really enjoy it so far.

This show is about a woman, Kyra Sedwick aka Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, who leaves Atlanta, where she was a top cop of sorts (at solving crimes). The ethics inquiry in Atlanta made her relocate to Los Angeles at the urgings of her ex-boss and new boss, J.K. Simmons, who plays Asst. Police Chief Will Pope. If you were a fan of the Law and Order: Criminal Intent series, his face will be recognizable.

I try not to look too closely at Kyra Sedwick. She’s got a (scary) mouth, which is  much bigger than Julia Roberts. I didn’t think that was possible. Two fists and a whole chicken could fit into that bad boy. She likes to keep it open all the time too. Odd. Maybe all that plastic surgery leaves a slack jaw as her only option to be “expressive.”

Great show. I really like it. Very diverse cast. I wonder how long it will be before the only black woman there will last. I’ve not seen season two yet, so we’ll see.

Babyface Corey

One of her co-stars on the show, Corey Reynolds, as Sgt. David Gabriel is so cute. He’s got lovely big brown eyes. He must have been such an adorable looking little boy. I know he’s a big, grown man, but he has such a young face.

I find Johnson’s “romance” with Jon Tenney, as FBI Agent Fritz Howard, unbelievable, but she needs someone in her corner, and that’s fine.

I like the way she’s able to connect the dots and figure out who committed the murder, because she listens so well.

Once again, it’s a great show, and I look forward to watching the entire series.


Rant: To People Who Compare Every Politically Incorrect Expression or Treatment to "the Blacks"

Stop it right now.

Stop those trite, irritating, and annoying expressions of “Well, it is like doing X against the blacks,” or “Well, it is like using the N-word to describe group Y,” or the all time favorite, “Group Z going through this discrimination is like doing this to the blacks.”

For real though, those declarations do not make any sense at all. If the offense is that serious, then the blacks do not need to be dragged into the discussion.

The history of black people(s) in the diaspora is not short, simple, and it is not a convenient, slick, back of the envelope example of discrimination and suffering for other groups to use.

We are not a trick bag of goodies for others to use and (mis)appropriate when convenient.

Some folks may not mind, but I do. My suggestion: Use your own damn history. Compile and relate your own pertinent examples of discrimination, suffering, and intolerance. People will understand. People will respect you for it. People will be able to picture your complaints and take them seriously.

Right now, whenever I hear “the blacks“, whatever support I may have had for your position(s) gets negated to zip, zero, and zilch. It drops down into “I could not care less” category.

It Is Not Logical

Using “the blacks” to exemplify discrimination will not work, because it is not a correct logical construct to compare it to using the word “retarded”, being a woman, blind, deaf, dumb, alcoholic, mentally disabled, physically disabled, a drug addict, a fat ugly white woman, a senior citizen, a homosexual, lesbian, or whatever group feels they have a problem.

You know why the comparisons do not make any sense? Aside from the coalition of fat ugly white women, black people are also women, senior citizens, mentally disabled, blind, deaf dumb, etc.

Default Normalcy

Saying “the blacks” is deliberately erasing our complexity and humanity. When the slaves were emancipated, and freedmen got the vote, only black men could vote (in theory, since Jim Crow closed that door). Yet, all the time, I see idiots, especially in the media, saying “the blacks” got the vote when slavery ended. Black women could not vote until all women, excepting Native Americans at the time, were granted suffrage.

Some of you assume everyone’s default for man is a white man. Some of you assume everyone’s default for woman is a white woman. This thinking is about seeing whiteness as normal, and blackness as abnormal. It is so automatic, no one stops to think why they do it. It makes as much sense as this sentence: women and minorities. Translation: white women and others. Are minorities not women too?

That is why some of you folks love to associate every group that might be outcast, abnormal, dysfunctional, disrespected, or whatever as “the blacks.”

Get it clear, not all of us has a world view where we are a minority, secondary, subordinate, a permanent victim group, or inferior to anyone

So, shut up already.

Next time you find yourself in a search of a short hand narrative, leave “the blacks” out of it.

Put the trick bag of missappropriating black people’s culture, history, gender, and identity down. Go free ride on the back of some other group.