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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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“The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

Barack Obama, 2007.

Congressman Kucinich Is Upset With President Obama


The Next Disaster: Will It Be Us?

Does tragedy come in threes? fours? a score or more? I am certainly not wishing for it. I’ve been briefly taking in the news on Japan, because I don’t want to take it up to “disaster porn” level. I’m hoping that the Nuke Reactors get under control, and nothing worse happens.

Are You Ready For a Disaster?

Stay Prepared*

It’s a question one must ask these days. As we can see, even the most organized and wealthiest government(s) wont bring the kind of immediate help we see in Hollywood disaster movies. The reality would be like Katrina, if not possibly worse. In times of chaos, whether fast or slow, you have to rely on yourself, family, friends, and honorable acquaintances.

I don’t think anyone could ever been too prepared.

Based on the dangers in your area: flood, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake. Ask yourself this: Are you properly insured? Do you have backup copies of your personal papers off site? Maybe you decide to keep important papers in a bank safety deposit box?

If you have to run out the door (with the devil at your back) – is there a bag with first aid kit, spare underwear (never underestimate the need for extra knickers), wipes, water, snack(s), a bit of cash, etc. within reach to help if you cannot get back home right away?

I keep this stuff in my car – traffic can be hell in New Jersey. 🙂

Preparation List from Volunteer Mid-South

The American Boiling Frog

I keep feeling like there is some low-level stuff going on, creeping along, that’s bad, bad, bad, but we all cannot see it. Like the entire nation is a frog sitting in slowly boiling water.

The economy is in a grind. The cost of food is rising. Rising oil price is going to choke off economic growth. There are millions of people out of work, and likely millions more who are homeless.

Yet, the media doesn’t see or talk about them. Curious.

Come On! Must We Be Involved In Another War?

Deja vu all over again. Does no one in Washington, DC ever pay attention? How many times have we been thanked, after America has invaded to “help”, with terrorist attacks or “man-made disasters” and deadly shoot-outs? Sometimes it is best to stand by and watch people who are typically ungrateful and violent.

When our government gets involved for some reason – they don’t know when to leave. Is that the goal? Another country to have troops to sit in?

Do these people not remember that we had a no-fly zone over Iraq for nearly a decade?

I suspect, if the UN Resolution was enforced (to institute a no-fly zone over Libya), the media would immediately report that portions of that country revolting against Qadhafi or number of deaths were exaggerated.

Get Outdoors and Have Fun

Spring is here. Time to get out and play.

Have a good one.

*From the Red Cross – I make no money if you decide to buy that bag. I linked because I thought it was good source of information. 🙂


Tears of a Clown: Keith Ellison’s Manhood Goes on Sale

A Crocodile Weeps. ++see below

Remember back when John F. Kennedy swore that the Pope didn’t make his decisions for him? (On September 12, 1960, he said, “I am not the Catholic candidate for President. I am the Democratic Party’s candidate for President who also happens to be a Catholic. I do not speak for my Church on public matters — and the Church does not speak for me.”)* He was promising to do what’s best as a representative of ALL the people.

I understand that that was the kind of scrutiny non-Protestants lived with. It was a sorry affair persecuting people based on their religious beliefs when they ran for office. However, I’m sure those comments reassured those who considered voting for Mr. Kennedy.

A Public Servant to Whom?

Today, we have folks who seem to define themselves solely by their religious ideology. Apparently, it precedes gender, race, nationality, dignity, and common sense. It really does not matter to me what people do, or believe in, or swear fealty to, except when this trait is exhibited by a politician. Why doesn’t Representative Keith Ellison serve in a religious temple somewhere? Is he aware that he’s supposed to represent his district, atheists included, and not just his coreligionists?

OOps. I guess he cannot be criticized for that oversight though. It might make him cry. Or something.

It’s Political Theater

I’m generally cynical about politicians. Representatives go through two year election cycles. I believe fruit flies live longer. Congressional hearings are show trials. With the “tears of a clown” display, the lead entertainer (Ellison) wants to pretend that he’s doing something! This is a fund raising ploy. But hey, pimping ain’t easy.

Oh, you mean he might be sincere? I doubt it.

He’s not crying, because most of the victims of homocide are black males, decimating the African American population. Or that most victims of domestic violence, rape and murder are black girls / women, further decimating the African American population. Or that a large number of foreclosures are putting single black mothers into the streets, generating a devastating economic setback to the backbone of the African American population. Or that black people are suffering the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Oh, no. Ellison is cynically blubbering over one incident regarding one deceased individual that happened a decade ago. He’s not even crying over all the victims of 9/11.

I could have believed Ellison sincere, if he announced he was upset at something like this picture:

African boy gets "questioned" by Libyan "rebels" with a finger on the right and a pistol on the left.

I have relatives that look like this kid.

My sympathy for the Libyans have evaporated. Then again, I never had much to begin with. These people are literally picking on the darkest people they see. This is a child they are terrorizing. They think he’s an “African mercenary”. The whole country is after these people. Poor child looks too frightened to be anything nefarious. Many central Africans came to Libya to work (in the oil fields), because Qadhafi invited them there. There are also many other groups and nationalities fleeing Libya.

I tried to find out what happened to this kid from news reports, but because the media is so much on the side of the “rebels” or “freedom fighters” they’ve pretended not to know.

It pissed me off.

Hey, I get it that this isn’t something for Ellison to weep over. There’s no money it in. However, since he’s playing the role of a sensitive politician, couldn’t he expand his interests a bit?

Just asking.

“Manhood for Sale”

Sometimes, I think some black males aren’t aware that they’re always looking for a new “master” to tell them what to do, how to think, and how to be. They are released from one yoke, only to take on another.

How much do you think that single tear will get Ellison from fund raising? A hundred thou? Maybe half a mil? That money wont be coming from us though, will it?

* Wikipedia: John F. Kennedy profile.

++ Ellison was sobbing at a Congressional hearing on the radicalization of American followers of Islam.

Note: I’ve been remiss in the past not crediting who the photos belong to. Sorry. These two are from Reuters.


News Update:

NY Times: American Muslim Salafi Movement – Why Do They Even Come Here?


Rape of Young Black Girls: Do We Ever Learn Anything From These Stories?

I would like to know. Frankly, I’m sick of knowing about these stories.* The reason is my feelings about what should happen to the perpetrators would fall under extreme cruel and unusual punishment. I’m all for sterilization, hangings, the electric chair, and putting the criminals to sleep like any animal that needs to be put down.

I would even air drop them down into war torn countries around the world, or have them put in those jails to rot away to get a taste of what real deprivation is like. They don’t deserve to be treated with any consideration of “human rights” – they lost that privilege when they committed a violent crime against a child.

However, due to the politically correct, idiot intelligentsia that never thinks of the victims or their families, along with their desire to show how morally superior they are, the punishment will never fit the crime. The sentencing will be delicate, plea bargained to a “lesser crime”, and the years doled out modest (always less than the actual sentencing).

The Details and Excuses Don’t Matter

As for the crime: I don’t care to know the minute details, the back stories, where it happened, why it happened, how many were involved or whether the victim was familiar with her attackers. The reality is young black girls are nearly always attacked, raped, brutalized by people familiar, or known, to them.

What I know of this case, like so many others, is someone’s baby girl was viciously and brutally attacked, and there are people (I use that term loosely) regarding this incident with an indifferent shrug. Or they’re more concerned about the well being or public regard towards the attackers. That’s how deep into hell certain “communities” have fallen.

There is no morality left.

There are folks who will expend more time worrying about the treatment of the perpetrators due to their race, their gender, whether they came from “broken homes”, and how the incident will reflect on the “community”. They will fling the usual monkey poo buffalo chips about racism (you know, the white man made them do it), poverty (jobs would have stopped them from being brutal rapists!), the girl at fault for being too fast, too sexy at 11 (she made them do it!), and the usual rabble about fair trials (’cause the “brothas” never get a break!).

It’s almost guaranteed we will hear that a majority of the attackers are “mentally handicapped” and have IQs of around 85 or room temperature. They couldn’t stop, because they were just playing follow the leader.

Despite the harshness of my crime and punishment stance, I believe every defendant is entitled to the benefit of doubt and the presumption of innocent. And if, or when, they are found guilty: hang ’em high.

Keep This in Mind: The Hell Pits Are Here to Stay

I’m sick of these horror stories, because I know within a few days there will be another, followed by another, and then another. It never stops.

I know it is hard for a mother (and father) to be around to protect their daughters. She has to work. Perhaps she has to take time to attend school on nights or weekends. Momma might even think a family member or friend is looking after her little girl, or assumes her daughter is safe among her own “friends.”

Black Women: You Have a Choice

Common sense should never be up for debate. Yet, there are people who just love, love, love to argue and drop major B.S. playing with the idea as to whether black women have the right to move away from the “community.” There is a mindset that all black women are community property. The black woman is the resource everyone in the “community” needs to help keep it going. There are always layers of excuses as to why she should continue to live in hell, in approximation to hell, or in this place that’s transitioning to hell, by helping to “fix up” what’s wrong.

In case anyone didn’t know: that is a black man’s job. If he and his boys ain’t willing: it is not her problem. Black women aren’t obligated to live in neighborhoods infested with criminals, because the residents sorta look like them or share cultural baggage. Marches, slogans, t-shirts, and pity parades for mercy wont change a damn thing.

‘Cause she cannot run away from her people. Right? I mean, really? Well, most of her peeps might be plotting to rape, rob, and possibly kill her. She has every right to run. And run now.

The only thing that matters is quality of life. It doesn’t include cowering in fear – or fronting like she’s fearless – from people that share a similar hue or phenotype while pretending there is a meaningful connection due to those factors.

With incidents like this, is it really worth it to stay?

I hope every mother (and father) who cares about their young black daughter(s) think about where they live, check the crime stats for the new neighborhood, and make that move. There are still cheaper, lower to low crime areas to live. America is a very, very, very big country. Hoodlums are not hanging out on every street corner.

There are safer places to reside.

Dear Mommas

Be vigilant. Be proactive. Please think about changing your life, make a move, because the one you save may be your own or that of your child.

*Note: the following are links to these types of stories. Thanks for the hat tips, Bellydancer.


Superman Returns: A Movie Of Religious Themes

It’s inner-nerd reflection time!

Warning: I bust the plot wide open. A number of scenes are described. I’m not very religious, so pardon me if I get my metaphors mixed up.

Two millennia from now, if people looked back on this time, would they assume we followed Gods other than the monotheistic Yahweh, Jesus, and Allah? I know there are other religions, but I mention these based on my vague, yet not too great, familiarity with the three.

Today, our mass media depicts what is supposedly a reflection of our current culture. Imagine how much the language will evolve, or devolve, depending on your view. Today, English takes many forms such as XOXO, TTY l8r, brb, and other abbreviations that make me wonder – will anyone in the future be able to translate it?

And once they generate a rough translation, will their assumptions be correct? Or will they assume that our media was a form of mass worship based on the repetition of the same images?

Is the Comic Book Hero a New Deity?

What passes for entertainment sometimes appear to be the usurpation or supplanting of belief in the divinities. I often wonder: How is a lifetime reading of comic books following one character not like a religion? How is attending sci-fi, comic, and movie conventions not like adherence to attending a religious mass? How is repeatedly viewing movies based on a specific character or trilogy, and treating it as integral to a lifestyle or way of life, not the same as following religious dogma?

Is it because we tell ourselves that this is harmless stuff?

According to dictionary.com, religion is defined as: something one believes in and follows devotedly.

The God Gap

From the Old Testament to New Testament of the Bible, I was struck by how annoyed God was with the human race. He was a cruel taskmaster: harsh, mercurial, and unforgiving as the holy writer’s environment. God used to confer directly with Adam and Eve, but after many generations he spoke less directly to his children, and began using angels as intermediaries, until he stopped using any source to communicate. I view the New Testament as a fresh reboot: God would give us one more try with his Son, in his (our) Image, through a virgin birth to get his message across.

Is the clamor for superheroes a modern day yearning for a god-like figure? Is it because we’ve run out of faith? Is it because we’ve become cynical? Is technology to blame? The word superhero is nearly one hundred years old, so the phenomenon is certainly not new.

Superheroes fill what I would call the God gap. In a modern society, with more education, the number of people who believe in a deity grows smaller. In the current imagination, the superhero – this fictional near-God is accessible – whereas a true God, is an all-powerful being who ignores our prayers, pleas, directives, and utterances, doesn’t speak directly to us, unless one is a schizophrenic wandering the streets having a good chat with the Holy One.

Superman: A Look at a Modern God

Which brings us to Superman Returns: a movie with religious undertones and overtones. It does not adhere to Christian or other religious doctrine in a straight line, but it was there nevertheless.

Let’s look at, and evaluate, the following religious themes:

Scene: Marlon Brandon, as Jor-El, solemnly states he’s sending his only son, Kal-El, to planet earth to be the guardian humans will need.

My Take: God gave us Jesus, who is the Son of God. Yes? Sorry to state it so baldly.

Scene: Mrs. Kent cradles Superman on his return to earth, after his spaceship crashed in her yard.

My Take: Like Jesus, he is cradled in the arms of his mother.

Scene: Lex Luthor stating that we have a “god” who is selfish with his powers.

My Take: Obviously referring to Superman, and leaving no doubt to the religious theme of the movie.

Scene: In the last quarter of the film, Lex Luthor and his henchmen, on a piece of land created with crystal and kryptonite, beat Superman. Luthor stabs him with kryptonite.

My Take: Luthor will always be a combination of Pontius Pilate, Judas or the Devil to Superman.

Scene: Lois Lane saves a supine Superman, holding him like a baby as she pulls out the kryptonite.

My Take: She cradles him in her arms. There are many women in the life of Jesus who cradle him in her arms or touch him to wash his feet, etc.

The Resurrection

Superman goes up to the sun to heal and regain his strength. He plummets back into the Atlantic Ocean to remove, lift and toss the big rock into space. His exposure to the kryptonite weakens him and he falls back to earth, and fortunately lands in the city park of Gotham.

He cannot be treated, because his skin is impermeable. They can only leave him in his hospital bed, after he “dies” or loses consciousness.

Lois Lane comes to see him. She whispers in his ear. I suspect she’s told him he has a son. Then the little boy goes up to kiss him. In the next scene, his bed is empty. The hospital staff and cops glance at an open window.

Resurrection is a common theme in a number of theological tales regarding Phoenix, Krishna (depending on who’s telling the story), Jesus and others.

As the movie approaches the end, Superman visits his sleeping son, and whispers a lame speech about “The father and the Son.” It’s so ridiculously close to “The father, the son and the holy ghost” I was surprised he didn’t go through the physical motions of it (it’s a prayer, right?).

Our Father Who Art In Heaven

The movie ends with Superman ascending to the heavens.

Was I offended by the religious themes of this film? Nope.

I think it struggled enough with finding a good reason for Superman’s continued existence. (Comic book writers are so bored with Superman they’ve killed him off a couple of times.) Superman Returns gave us little or no insight into his character. He’s as smooth and bland as a small pebble. This effort to make him a God collapses like a cheap tent.

Superman was sent to save us. Yet with him, there is no incentive, no fervor on our part that we should feel for a God. An uninspiring figure, he fails to provide a strong, compelling, and moral reason why he should be in our lives. He couldn’t even show us the right way to live and exist. He is a baby daddy after all.

This movie about Him ends up being about nothing at all.