Epic Rap Battles: Famous Figures Battle

Like to find something amusing to get through the slog of the coming week. Since it’s three days, that’s a good start.

Don’t know how I found the first YouTube clip, but they all cracked me up.

Anyone remember MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch? Used to love watching that. This stuff is much milder.

I always consider the use of the word “ass” or something just as profane to be a weakness in rapping, an easy go to word, because they cannot think of anything else. Otherwise, not bad.





Don’t eat too much for the Holiday(s), it’s nearly impossible to get that weight off once it climbs on. 😀

Happy Thanksgiving….


2 thoughts on “Epic Rap Battles: Famous Figures Battle”

  1. I hate rap, but I love those epic rap battle videos. My favorite is the Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Probably because I LOVE Linux so much. Linux is the future! 🙂

    This was the first time I saw the Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers and Shakespeare vs Seuss. Very funny also.

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

    GoldenAh: They are pretty funny. I haven’t tried Linux, I keep wanting to install it on one of the old PCs I have about the place, but I’ve been so lazy.

    Hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving as well. Cannot believe Christmas is right around the corner. And then there’s the New Year… Wow, how time flies.

  2. i love strong, profane words for whatever reason. gives things oomph

    my fave epic rap battles are:

    justin beiber vs beethoven (hilarious and beethoven laid him out)

    mj vs elvis

    clint eastwood vs bruce lee

    i’m soooo into these, been watching a while 😀

    GoldenAh: They remind me of old school rap or during the period where people were actually saying something. I remember one old rap called, “TROY – They reminisce over you”, which was rather nice because it was dedicated to a neighborhood guy.

    Saw the MJ vs Elvis rap. That was good! The kid playing MJ as a kid was great.

    There’s one with Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra. I liked that one too. Pretty funny.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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