To Pack It All Up and Move Away

I want to run away from this life.

Right now, more than ever, I’ve this intense urge to sell my crap; junk the stuff cluttering up my life.

Let go of my issues. Just leave.

My problem: I love my home.

It’s the first, and only one, I’ve bought. The neighborhood is s’okay; crime is nearly nonexistent. There’s a steep price to pay for living here: New Jersey is one, if not the most expensive state in the country. It also feels like the most depressing, isolating, and socially stagnant places in the world.

It’s weird how much I miss Brooklyn, when I could not wait to leave that place!

My current home is my comfort zone.

This is where I hide from everyone. I don’t believe I should need someplace that makes me reluctant to let go of. I don’t think it’s healthy. I should be able to adapt to any environment; enjoy myself. At some point, in the future, I know I will move.

My other issue: I wouldn’t know where to go.

I used to want to a second home in Florida. I used to want to work in Nevada. I used to want to return to England. I used to want to find a home in Canada. I used to want to relocate to Australia or New Zealand. I used to want to hang out in Spain. I used to want to chill down in the Bahamas, Barbados, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

I have the “grass is greener” syndrome.

I take this feeling to mean that I need to take a trip. I read about people who backpack around the world. I feel no envy. I’d rather go somewhere, hang out for a couple of days and return to my home.

There are places I’d still like to visit: Australia, Italy, Germany, B.C. Vancouver, the Netherlands, maybe India or Japan. I need to make plans, or I’m going to go crazy.


4 thoughts on “To Pack It All Up and Move Away”

  1. Hi BlkQueenBee since I’m using my real name it’s no secret that I live in San Francisco, and have for quite some time.

    Have you and your hubby tried Meet Up? Craigslist Volunteers and Activities board is good as is Pulsd and Johnny Fun Cheap SF. Lots of opportunity to mix and mingle in this fair city, have fun!

    GoldenAh: Great suggestions, Dee Dee. Thank you.

  2. The best places I’ve ever lived were the places where I had neighbors I really liked in a neighborhood I really liked. That’s what made the place; it was just such a pleasure to live there. So, you can scope out a neighborhood, but how can you scope out prospective neighbors? You can’t. You just have to roll the dice, unless you already know some people there.

    I have a younger friend of mine (she’s 26) who has gotten together with four of her friends, who all live in different places now, and they have all agreed to move to Pittsburgh where two of their friends already are. They have friends in other places as well, so not sure why they picked Pittsburgh, but they did. Anyway, they are effectively transplanting their lives somewhere else with the intention of having a ready-made network of friends in this new place and putting down roots there. I don’t know if this bit of social engineering is going to work, but you have to give them high marks for effort and creativity. They are manufacturing their own mini-neighborhood within their future neighborhood. Did I mention they’re all artists of some sort? Yeah, that probably makes a difference…

    But most of the rest of us don’t have that kind of choice, that kind of latitude to just pick up and move. I love my new neighborhood in San Francisco, I love my new husband that lives with me in my new neighborhood, but it’s been very difficult to meet people that we want to hang out with, because we both work a lot, and then we sort of do the homebody thing when we’re home because we still can’t get enough of each other’s company. So we really don’t know anyone here in the local neighborhood yet.

    It’s tough to find a place that feels like home. I’ve always been able to come with a huge list of places I DON’T want to live, but it’s always been extremely difficult to come up with even a couple of places that I could see myself living in for the rest of my life.

    GoldenAh: Part of my hesitation in moving is the neighbor / good friends factor. When I was kid we had neighbors from hell. I swear, you can be traumatized by it.

    That’s amazing and smart what your friend did. It is hard to get up and go and then start a new life. Everyone is busy and making new friends or getting old friends to visit can be tough. And I’m someone who doesn’t focus on the people I work with to make friends with. My social circle exists outside of that. I’m jealous of artists, they do their own thing and make it happen.

    San Francisco has beautiful architecture and views of the Bay. I enjoyed visiting the tourist traps. I missed Alcatraz. I gotta do that if I get the opportunity to go again.

    Awesome feedback, BlkQueenBee. Glad to hear you are happy with your new husband. 😀

  3. Hi Tracey – not sure if you’ll see this, but I live in the Tampa Bay area. I moved here in the summer of 2009 due to job relocation. What’s attracting you to the Tampa area?

    Goldenah, you asked me on the WW post if I enjoyed my time in Italy in 2007. I loved it, definitely would like to have another vacay there. Many of the other countries you listed are in my bucket list as well, and I’d include Scandinavia. Scotland as well, but for a very superficial reason: I adore Scottish brogues. I just want to talk, and possibly flirt with, the Scottish lads. Don’t judge me!

    I’ve been a Vegas a few times, and wasn’t impressed, lol. But then, I think it’s a city that caters to rather specific tastes, and I don’t mean in a lewd way.

    GoldenAh: I liked Italy too. That’s one of the few places I felt I could settle in and actually feel comfortable. Scandinavia, yes! Big blond guys, double yes! Scotland, yes! Scottish brogues, double yes!

    I liked Vegas for all the entertainment (free or otherwise), and my inner slut loves the place. 😀

  4. I feel that way all the time. I voice the same feelings to anyone who will listen. I’ve gotta make a move soon or I feel like I’ll implode. Florida is my newest obsession. Tampa seems as good a place to start over as any. Duty and obligation keep me stuck in Jersey even though I’m starting to hate it here. I know one day I’m going to wake up and leave the house and never return. That day can’t come soon enough.

    GoldenAh: I took the trip I wanted back in 2009 to Italy, Germany and Switzerland. I luved it. Loved it. Wouldn’t live there, but I enjoyed the adventure.

    If you can, find someplace to go for a while. You will feel much better when you return. Although if you need to move, I’d say take that chance. I wont go (maybe not yet), because my support network (family / friends) is here, but I get away to relieve the pressure.

    I want to check out Las Vegas, Croatia, Portugal and the Netherlands sometime in the future. Those are my destination goals. It is the perfect solution to kill the monotony and stress I feel sometimes.

    Good luck to you in finding a solution, Tracey. ‘Cause some of these winters up here, plus the costs and the weirdness of NJ makes me wonder if the stay is worth it.

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