For Black Women – No Respect: Is It Open Season on Black Women and Black Girls?

Thanks for the various links Amanda (BWMM) and Bellydancer. πŸ™‚

They Don’t Respect Disabled Little Girls: Papa’s Gotta Straighten Them Out

A black father boards a bus to stop “children” from bullying his disabled daughter. I can tell you right now. Back in the day, if that had been me –Β  my Father, my Mother, my Uncles, my brothers, and half of the peeps on my block would have gone after these animals. And rest assured, the parents of these kids would have gotten their ish together and stopped that behavior. Whenever we pulled even mildly stupid crap, an adult, parent or not, came after us.

Folks are different today. Not sure if it’s something in the food, or if it’s just the sign of declining civility, responsibility, morality, or overall decency. Take your pick.

According to

A father, who was trying to protect his disabled daughter from her alleged bullies, was caught on camera threatening students on a school bus. James Jones’ daughter suffers from cerebral palsy and is now on suicide watch. The girl’s father boarded the school bus on September 3 and threatened students during a profanity-laced tirade.

The scene on the school bus via YouTube: click here.

Can you believe that it’s the father that got arrested? I don’t agree with his use of profanity and his threats, but I can imagine his frustration.

Like Amanda (BWMM) says: “Kudos for the dad. I think they weren’t expecting a father to come and check they asses.”

Yup. People think black FATHERS don’t care anymore about defending their daughters. They still exist. Despite what the anti-NWNW lunatics would have everybody believe.

They Don’t Respect Little Old Ladies: Chi-Town Shoot Out

An elderly woman in Chicago has to get out her gun to stop the neighborhood thug – who’s only 12 years old! – from continuing to harass and throw bricks at her home breaking the windows. One of the tossed bricks had hit her in the chest.

According to

Margaret Matthews, a 68-year-old woman living in Chicago’s Southeast Side, picked up a gun Tuesday night and shot a 12-year-old boy in the arm.

The upshot? The boy was cited for a misdemeanor crime – while she wasn’t charged with any wrongdoing. Matthews, neighbors say, was the target of constant harassment from the 12-year-old – a ringleader of a group of kids who allegedly vandalized Matthews’s home, broke items in her shed and even set her garbage on fire.

“I would say [the kids] were bulling her,” neighbor Frenchie Johnson told local TV station CBS2. “She stayed there by herself. They know that. And she’s one of the ladies that, she stands up for herself.”

I cannot even fathom what kind of child(ren) does this. Predator. Sociopath. I’m trying to picture even the worse thugs (back in the day) trying to pull this kind of nonsense. Wouldn’t happen. Only because the entire block had black fathers, white fathers, and other ethnic group fathers. The kids on welfare had daddies. The MEN back then wouldn’t let this kind of insanity get started, whether it was their son(s) or not.

According to the media, the only “parent” that boy has is his grandmother. There is no man to teach him right from wrong. That’s why he’s a menace. He considered her easy bait.


“She was being protective of herself,” said a man who lives next door. “What they did was wrong. Especially with her being an older woman.”

That’s a damn shame, living alone, and being victimized by generation 2.5 fatherless spawn. It’s too much like Dawn of the Dead.

They Don’t Respect Black Girls with White Boys: Stomping a Defenseless Couple

You know it’s end times when degenerate black males are inviting Latinos to physically disrespect black girls with their boyfriends. One would have thought that the last 20 odd years of hip hop, BET videos, and vile web sites / online forums would be enough. I suspect when black women / girls were talking about black and brown people working together, getting stomped and battered by them wasn’t what they expected.

I’m not surprised by this. This is the next step after the entertainment violence against black women, and it’s moving from the verbal street harassment to absolute anarchy. Let’s get real, it’s OPEN SEASON on black women and girls.

According to news:

Cleveland Police Sgt. Sammy Morris tells Fox 8 News that three students from Rhodes High School have been arrested for felonious assault in connection with the attack of a young, interracial couple.

According to the police report, a group of eight boys ranging in age from 15 to 19, from James Ford Rhodes High School, followed the couple south on W. 50th Street. The suspects were making insulting, vulgar and aggressive comments like, “You’re cute but I’m gonna punch him in the face.”

Minutes later, the boys made good on that threat, but instead — they punched the female victim in the face.

… they were targeted because they are an interracial couple. The girl is African American and the boy is Caucasian. Her boyfriend defended her and was then viciously punched and kicked by the mob, the report said.

How brave these punks were. Notice how they attacked the girl first? That’s how it is for black males (and now their invited cohorts). If they aren’t verbally attacking black women / girls, then it’s all out physical assault. They would have attacked her even if she was alone. It’s what they normally do … see examples just cited.

They just didn’t expect the white MAN to defend her.

Open Season on Black Women and Black Girls: They Are Seen as Easy Prey

What’s the running theme in all of these stories? No one expects black women / black girls to be protected by anyone.

Why not? We haven’t been protected and respected over the years. Listen and look at what gets produced in the name of entertainment and how it’s directed at us. It’s non-stop insults, harassment, vileness, crudeness, and sickening racism / sexism. And it’s never ending. Whether it started on the streets and ended up as “entertainment” is irrelevant. Violence is still the end result.

Some of the cures – for those of you who take your well being seriously:

  • Stop feeding the monster(s) … socially, economically, financially, via web site hits, responding verbally / non-verbally, or any type of acknowledgment. Whatever it is. Get away. Get away.
  • Move. Nearly every real estate web site has crime stats. As soon as you are able: go where the crime rate is low. Don’t be surprised if that means living where black males are few, far away, and little seen. Your life, and perhaps those of your loved ones, depends on it.

Ladies, consider this: Who are your defenders? Cultivate some, whether it’s a glock, tazer, mace, or pit bull. Take your pick.

Learn to defend yourself: it’s time for us to stop being so vulnerable. Be safe.


12 thoughts on “For Black Women – No Respect: Is It Open Season on Black Women and Black Girls?”

  1. It’s good to see dads and MEN protect our girls. But you are right. People are shocked…SHOCKED! that men are protecting us because, after all, we’re STRONG BLACK WOMEN, right? Mules don’t need protecting *sarcasm* I think it might have been you who recommended this book, “The Gift of Fear,” but I’m reading it now. With interest.

    GoldenAh: Howdy, Christelyn {waving}.

    That’s it right there: people coming to our defense. πŸ™‚

    I haven’t read the book, but I’ve heard it. I may check it out.

    Take care. πŸ˜€

  2. Yeah I have my permit and keep the Baretta close πŸ™‚

    GoldenAh: All right now, Ms Foxy Brown (a.k.a Pam Grier). You let ’em know you ain’t playin’! πŸ˜€

  3. Addressing the larger question, yes, I think that many black men and boys assign a lower value to a black woman’s feelings, her personal space, and, her life. I think that many, many black believe that black women are a resource for the to make use of, however they see fit. If they need money, rob a black woman. If they want sex, rape a black woman. If they want to make someone else feel small, and make themselves feel bigger, then harass a black women. And it goes on. I hate those bastards, I really do.

    GoldenAh: It is there in the news nearly everyday. It cannot be dismissed as something we are imagining. The victims in these stories were NOT asking for it. This constant campaign of contempt is right here before our eyes.

    What bothers me is how these guys can bully black women anywhere they pleased – on the street, on trains, in stores, anywhere – and no does or says anything to defend them. The real surprise is when someone does. The fact is – if black women / girls were routinely defended – street thugs, bullies, and harassers would hesitate to bother them like they do with white women / girls.

    Hey, we have the right to go about our business unmolested and be free to do as we please.

    Great hearing from you, Kelita. Be safe. πŸ˜€

  4. Now I see why some women do not smile as they walk in certain neighborhoods because this seems to be some sort of green light to bother these women or try to talk to them like you know them and then these men get mad when these women do not reciprocate they want to go off and say silly shit to the women like she owes them something or try to physically intimidate the women.
    All that stuff about bw never smile or need to smile is some controlling bullshit. Finally the media has been addressing the street harassment along with the bullying because they are connected.

    GoldenAh: I’m from NYC. When Mayor Giuliani started “stop and frisk” on the street thugs I was elated. People were worrying about the “brothas”, but the beauty of it was that the cops were letting these guys know: behave yourselves. OMG. It was such a relief to ride the trains late at night, coming from work, and seeing police officers on them.

    That’s why the city’s crime rate dropped so hard. There was nearly a cop everywhere. It was great to be able to go about your business, and NOT be harassed by some bloody criminal miscreant piece of garbage. πŸ™‚

    I’m telling y’all if a city, town or neighborhood has a crazy crime rate, the mayor, city council, or whatever can do something about it.

  5. I just wanted to add a quick addendum to my earlier post. If you are going to take the step of owning a handgun or rifle/shotgun for your protection by all means TRAIN. A gun by itself is nothing more than a tool. You must gettraining on how to use the gun, and you most definitely need to obtain advanced training if you intend to use the gun for self defense. Tons of ranges offer advanced training and if you don’t watch it look for the ” Don’t Be a Victim ” block on the Versus channel on cable Saturday mornings. Your best defense is AWARENESS of your surroundings. Oh yes, and a good number of gun manufacturers affer clinics specifically aimed at women to teach us how to shoot. The information is out there ladies, all we have to do is obtain it.

    GoldenAh: Excellent advice. Thank you, Sisterlocgirl. πŸ˜€

  6. 2 years ago my neice and two nephews were suspended from school because of a bullying incident when the whole bus practically was trying to fight my neice because some silly lil girls wanted to start some mess with her.
    My neices and nephews held their own against the whole bus while being jumped on and they seem to be the only ones who got suspended. My mother had to be held back after threatening to come up to the school and whip somebody’s ass. We told her no mama we are not taking you up there and you cannot use your cruise scooter to do a drive by (lol) she is crazy about my neice, her first grandhcild and will hurt one of us trying to protect her so we could understand her anger.
    Recently here a black boy killed himself over bullying at his high school.
    It has gotten out of hand either these kids have gotten to sensitive to fight back or the bullies are too aggressive.
    One man here walked up to his daughter’s bully, another girl (16) and threatened to shave her hair off if she didn’t leave his daughter alone. Of course he is being charged with a misdemeanor.
    As far as those monsters who attacked that couple, it will soon get worse when black men realize that we will not be around for them to abuse or use so that’s why they are attacking our images, bodies and minds because they want us to be paralyzed and not thinking straight, not knowing we have allies and ways out of bad situations. They had no business f**king with those people then if he (white man) had hurt one of them then all hell would have broke loose about the evil white man doing them wrong SMDH

    GoldenAh: I have to confess that I don’t know what it’s like to be harassed like this. There were a few who talked smack back in 4th grade, but that was the last time I let anyone bother me. I never had any fights past the age of 9-10. I decided to stop fighting, because I was afraid of seriously hurting someone. No one ever bested me. Not even boys.

    During middle and high school no one ever stepped to me. I wasn’t an angel, so I cannot cop to always being a “nice girl.” I’d overhear and watch kids pick on each other. There were some really nasty fights (and some people died), but I never got into it with anyone, and I never carried weapons. Nearly everyone had a knife, scissors, box cutters – all kinds of stuff.

    My friend’s oldest boy gets bullied, and it’s a mystery as to why it happens. I wish I knew the remedy for it.

    In some schools the sexes should be attending separate classes, maybe even buildings.

    As for the black women going the black male divestment / abandonment route by seeking other pastures and men, I agree. I know they read our web sites, and if they didn’t care they wouldn’t talk about it, but some seemed quite alarmed. These vampires, parasites, and leeches worry about black women having a wonderful and fulfilling life away from them.

    I don’t care what black men do for, or to, themselves. I hope they live the best lives possible. They should think the same way about black women, but most of them are incapable of it.

  7. @sisterlocgirl –

    Agreed. Forgive me if I lapse into caricature here, but I believe there is a saying out West that goes,

    “God made some men small, and God made some men big, but Mr. Colt made them all equal.”

    Disclaimer: I am lifting this from where I saw it on another BWE blog – I can’t remember the commenter’s name or the name of the other blog, but, regardless, it is not their original thought, it is simply an old adage. It is quite applicable in the man-versus-woman construct, which is why I like it so much.


    It is true that almost every average-strength man can overpower and badly hurt any woman, and it is absolutely true that any group of men can overpower and badly hurt any woman. And, “badly hurt” can turn into rape or murder fairly quickly.

    But there are not any men that wish to be shot. Just the mere sudden presence of a pistol (or, if you’re in your home, a shotgun)is usually enough to send these predators fleeing. And, if you have to shoot one, well, I think we all know who is going to prevail in that contest; it’s going to be the person with the gun. No matter how big, loud, or threatening that person is, or, for that matter, even if a group of thugs comes after you.

    After all, even if it’s a group of men, who wants to get shot first? And then, second?

    If someone (or a couple of someones) come after me with intent to do harm, I am not going to try and reason with them, or convince them of the error of their ways. You may as well be tring to have those same conversations with a shark or a rattlesnake. These guys are the human version of feral dogs.

    I’m not saying you should walk around like Dirty Harry, spoiling for a confrontation, but being quietly prepared to fully defend yourself is always a good idea when dealing with these types of savages.

    GoldenAh: Not just get a gun. Join a club and learn how to handle that weapon(s) safely and properly. That’s the key. A nervous situation could end up very messy. Also, there are many smaller and lighter handguns built for our hands.

    We have the right to defend ourselves and must keep that right uppermost in mind. You are on the money: trying to negotiate is a (life threatening) waste of time.

    Be safe, Yellow Moon. Thanks for the input. πŸ˜€

  8. Its unbelievable, but sadly not unexpected. When I saw the footage of one of the tormentors the little tool had the nerve to have a smirk on his face. My husband has been after me to get my CCW/CPL and i’m goig to do so. At any given time when we’re in public my husband is definitely armed and will defend me to the death. I carry mace and tactical knife, but I will be stepping up my personal protection plan. With the cutbacks of various police forces, guess what? You better protect yourself. And another plus? Lots of attractive men are at the gun ranges ladies(lol) Expand your horizons;-)

    GoldenAh: Good! Good to hear. Predators want easy prey. With the economy so bad, when people are desperate they are very very dangerous. Let’s keep our guard up. It’s just common sense.

    Be safe, Sisterlocgirl. πŸ™‚

  9. What’s sad is that the mother and daughter talked to the bus driver, teachers, principle (I believe), but no one would do anything. That’s why I believe that zero bullying tolerance is bull crap.

    GoldenAh: I can understand that’s why Poppa showed up, ’cause he knows nothing was sinking in with the women and girls complaining. πŸ˜€

  10. i find it SO ironic that the cameras on the bus catch the DAD and his tirade but there’s NO footage of the girl being terrorized and bullied?? hmmmmm, how is THAT?

    We need to get the like-minded, smart, empowered black women together to be ACTIVELY against this stuff, speak OUT against these damaged terrorist black dudes, forget the coddling NAACP and get out there and help ourselves because it’s QUITE evident (dunbar village anyone?) that no one else gives even HALF of a damn about black women, that includes many indoctrinated black male worshipping black women

    GoldenAh: A Black Woman’s Defense League of some sort, and definitely without anybody making excuses for this kind of behavior. Enough is enough.

    Couldn’t have said it better, Vonnie. πŸ˜€

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