Crazy White Boys: Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

I know the music video is about domestic violence, but Eminem and “Charlie” remind me of the “crazy white boys” back in my old neighborhood.

Why? They burned down a house. No one was in it, thank goodness, but these guys had a fearlessness that was just totally off-the-wall.


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  1. its HORRIBLE–SINCE HIV is sooo common in the B/C or so ive heard—when it wasn’t even a ‘gay’ disease until the 80s

  2. Yeah—-wheres m & m’s daddy? does he have one? or is he a product from a one night stand, since he hates his mother sooo much—i think–and why is RIHANNA soo silly–you know, many young women look up to her with her new–(LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE?) songs S & M, etc. this stuff has got to stop!!

    GoldenAh: He has never mentioned his father, at least I’ve never heard a thing about him. The hatred Eminem has for his mother and his wife is sick. That’s the kind of guy all women should stay away from, something upstairs isn’t right.

    I saw a picture of Rihanna’s latest boyfriend; she needs to slow down. 😀

  3. I do wonder who pitched that one, because the video is supposed to be about domestic violence (hasn’t he written songs about killing his then-wife Kim?) So, it is an interesting choice that Rihanna would do this track with him. He has always seemed scary to me with a lot of the dark, twisted thoughts conveyed in his music. And, yes a part of me feels that her rise in fame due to her domestic violence situation was orchestrated, because she went out of her way to move on and not discuss the incident until she was ready to release her last album. Suddenly, she opened up like a fountain. In the time before that she was being called upon left and right to advocate against domestic violence, but said nothing. At first, I figured it was because she wanted to move on, keep things private and not be forced into a poster-child situation. But on the eve of her album release, she begins doing all kinds of press detailing the matter. It definitely made me suspicious.

    GoldenAh: I suspect the advice she received was to keep her powder dry until the release of her latest album.

    I noticed that with singers (and other entertainers) when it comes time for their movie, book, or music release there is always some story regarding abuse, usually during childhood and sexual. I can’t discount the veracity of their experience, but I just want to enjoy their material – that deeply injurious personal stuff is something they should save for their therapist.

    The TMI trend has to end. I think these artists are emotionally injured by it, which may explain why some of them are so mentally unstable. 😛

    How’s it going, Likewaterforchocolat? All good I hope. 😉

  4. Yeah, Eminem is scary. I thought it was very…. interesting that Rihanna chose to be featured on this track.

    GoldenAh: Yeah, I wonder who pitched that idea? 😛

    Well, at least it’s other people playing out the DM scenario.

    Thanks for stopping by, Foreverloyal.

  5. Love the video and Rhianna. Em still scares the hell out of me. Once upon a time, I thought he was sexy, but the other stuff that goes along with it, makes him pretty unappealing now.

    GoldenAh: You realize he’s probably 85.36% likely to do something harmful. 😀

  6. he ended up with probation for everything he got in trouble for. you know a poor minority would’ve been doing 3 to 5 in county jail. his poor uncle had to keep reminding him that criminal defense was NOT his area of expertise & eventually he’d run out of ways to BS the judge.

    i stay away from any man that makes me consider if i should bring bail money on a date, black or white, balling or broke.

    GoldenAh: Hear, hear. “Ride or Die” gets expensive after awhile and dangerous. 🙂

  7. the crazy ones are just as crazy as the good ones are good. i don’t know if it’s the sense of entitlement, white privilege or the money, but they be tripping at times. the only thing worst than a crazy white boy, is a rich crazy white boy. enough money can buy them a good lawyer to get juvenile record sealed, probation on most adult charges and if you are connected, who is going to run a back ground check on your questionable past? *cough* my ex *cough-cough*

    i dated this well off white guy in college who said rules were for suckers (read dad’s a doctor, mom’s a senior vp at a financial firm and uncle is a junior partner at a law firm). he wasn’t trying to be a thug at all. he was just a brat. i mean a girl can work around a few “malicious destruction of property” charges and an “assault and battery” here and there but i draw the line at DUI and arson lol

    GoldenAh: Funny story. Me likes. 😀

  8. I think the same thing that did Eminem in for a while, is the same thing that did Young Berg etc. in. When they found that tape of him talking bad about bw it was it. I remember hearing it after people found out about it. After that it was like he went off the radar.

    GoldenAh: Now that I think of it, would you say that Rihanna became more famous due to the domestic violence with Chris Brown? I don’t think it was orchestrated, but it’s interesting to see the massive media attention given to a black women in that sort of situation.

    Eminem suffered from overexposure. Seems he had the good sense to sit down and shut up for a while.

    Thanks for the feedback, BWMM. 🙂

  9. Yeah I knew wbs like this in school. I knew many wbs who were buddies with bbs or tried to hard to be thugs. Lets just say many girls didn’t want these guys just like they didn’t want the thug bbs.

    GoldenAh: Oh, crazy white boys have been around since the outlaw Jesse James.

    Ever see the movies – Fight Club or Clockwork Orange? Classic lunacy. 😀

  10. lol, funny headline. I don’t like him, but that is a wicked video.

    ps. your dig @ me being a Canadian was hilarious, I enjoyed reading your reply.

    GoldenAh: He’s the poster boy for “Stay Away From Guys Like This!”

    Thanks, Hodan, and different perspectives are always welcomed. 😀

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