For Black Women: Why White Men are a Better Choice

A topic guaranteed to make your teeth grind or make you smile. I am tongue in cheek, so if you don’t see any clarifications like the word some, I still don’t mean all.

So, I’m looking around the web, and as a woman who likes men I’m seeing a positive development: black women affirming an interest in white men.

Didn’t know it was still taboo? Didya? I didn’t either, but like nappy hair versus relaxed, when a topic involves black women expect DRAMA, okay? Okay!

So I offer the following (slightly tongue in cheek) as to why white men are a better choice than black men:

1. No shortage here. There are a lot of white men, dark to light, tall to short, fat to lean. Take your pick. Plenty to go around.

2. He is The Man. Remember all those expressions from the 1960’s and 1970’s (and some people still use today)? The man’s keeping people down, the man’s got all these conspiracies… yada…yada…yada. Why not just be his woman? The white man does have all the power, in being with him a black woman gets the inside track on what The Man is up to.

3. He has the money to buy the food, clothing, housing, etc. He will not leave you to foot the bill or play “going dutch.” His tip will be more than sufficient, and the waitress wont give you the dirty look. Don’t know that look? Date a cheap and broke black man – you will see it and know it.

4. A white man will not accuse you of being a gold digger. He’s quite happy to marry them. You’ll be wife number 3, because he believes in the motto: if at first you don’t succeed, get another wife.

5. He marries. No baby daddy drama for this guy. He wants to be “Father Knows Best.”

6. The first thing that’ll strike you as odd is how your blood pressure goes down around this guy. Why? He’s not going to argue over every little nutty issue like a black man will. For a white man, life is an individual effort, there’s no systematic effort to keep him down. So he’ll be a rational man, not an emotional one.

7. A black woman’s hair is not an issue with a white man – in spite of what Imus said. Natural or relaxed, he doesn’t care.

8. A white man will find your feisty hot temper (if you have one), rather, ah, er, amusing. Yes, that’s right, amusing. He is not afraid of you. He will also like your “tell it like it is” spirit.

9. He’s going to have a strange hobby. He may be one of those guys collecting Star Wars, Star Trek and obscure 1950’s movie memorabilia off of eBay. It’s totally harmless and as the “40 Year Virgin” showed, could be worth quite a lot of money one day.

10. Looks aren’t everything. The features are different, skin and hair color / texture certainly is. Yet, that wont change the fact he can have a heart of gold. The nicest guys I’ve known have been white men. Nothing I made happen, it’s just my personal experience.

The list is incomplete, but there are plenty more reasons to decide why white men are a better choice than black men.

It’s great to get feedback from men, and the following is one from Anvil Orange:

Baby, I hear you.

And as a white guy who has had a couple of long-term relationships with black women, these are ones that the black women I’ve been with say they like the most:

3. He has the money to buy the food, clothing, housing, etc.

You know it. I make good money, and as far as I’m concerned, my job is to drive the car, and to pay for, well, whatever.

5. He marries. No baby daddy drama for this guy. He wants to be “Father Knows Best.”

Well, I haven’t been married to a black woman yet, but I’m down with the idea, if everything synchs up right. And if someone gets knocked up, then I’m ALWAYS going to do the right thing.

7. A black woman’s hair is not an issue with a white man.

True. I just don’t give a damn. Wear it any way you like, do the weave thing, whatever, just don’t make it too BIG. I don’t dig the whole big hair thing, no matter what race you are. One of the black women I dated wore hers natural, and I’m cool with that, too. You just knock yourself out – see #3.

8. A white man will find your feisty hot temper (if you have one), rather, ah, er, amusing.

True. And all the black women I’ve dated so far had a very quick temper. It is always funny, and sometimes hilarious, to see what they get worked up about.

9. He’s going to have a strange hobby.

I have three, but none anywhere as nerdy as anything having to do with Star Wars.

Here’s another one you left out:

Black guys care whether you’re light-skinned or dark, but most white guys just don’t care at all. We’re already dating a black chick; what do we care how black she is? Because no matter how light she is, she’s still gonna be darker than almost every white guy.

So, that’s the deal.

There is one downside – most white guys that date black women are fine with a few extra pounds, BUT, they can’t hang with the obesity thing. I know black guys have a pretty high affection/tolerance for women who are 5’5″ and 190 lbs. but most white guys just can’t see their way to it.

Same with me, and I love a big butt on a woman, as long as that thing is firm. But white guys are not into ‘bakery rolls” and folds of excess flesh.

One of those cultural differences, I suppose.

One more thing, and its an important one – I’m in a long-term, monogamous relationship with a black woman right now, and I could not be happier.

I haven’t asked yet, but I would say the chances of us getting married are around 95% and climbing.

She’s smart, funny and beautiful. I feel lucky.

And there you have it….

** Update: Please Have Sex With White Men **


Caprica Sucks

Why is this show so criminally bad? Why does it suck so bad? Why did a show with so much potential go wrong so fast?

I couldn’t make it past episode four. With Battlestar Galactica at least I made it to the third year. It started off very very good and went downhill.

I suspect Caprica is horrid on purpose. I am nauseated by it. I find it hard to even write about it, it’s so awful.

Everything takes place at least 58 years before the Cylons come back and destroy everything. Caprica shows where the fissure begins and is based on how the monotheists are much more distructive and judgmental as compared to the polytheists.

The polytheists are people whose religion follows our horoscope charts. Hence the names of the 12 planets being Caprica, Tauron, etc. In this world, the monotheists are oppressed and strike back by becoming terrorists. I’ll let you figure out the modern day parallels.

Frankly, both groups suck. It’s hard to even see where one group is good and the other is bad. I’d give a slight edge of the grossness to the monotheists since they practice polyamorous marriages. The polytheists are amoral, serially monogamous, along with being corrupt to the core thrown in.

Caprica is about two families: the Adamas and the Graystones. It has Eric Stolz playing Daniel Graystone of Caprica, the inventor of the Cylon. It has the handsome Esai Morales playing Joseph Adama, born of Tauron with a Caprican soul.

David Eick and Ronald D. Moore made this dreck along with the “re-imagining” of Battlestar Galactica, so I was not surprised to see the same crappy retread of ethnic stereotypes. The Taurons are mobsters / gangsters who look Latino / Italian. The Graystones are your typical rich, ultra-pale, narcissistic, and “brilliant” yuppies. The blacks are in the background as low level servants.

The writers can only mine the depths of what they know: absolutely nothing.

There’s no creativity or originality in this show. Aside from the casual sex themes: homosexual marriages, polygamous marriages, poly-amorous marriages, and virtual-reality-anything-goes-worlds, which I suspect is more a reflection of modern-day Hollywood than of normal people in the rest of the world. I’m surprised they haven’t shown pedophiles in a positive light yet, I’m sure pederasts will get a high five eventually.

Caprica may seem to focus on religion, but it comes across as though it’s written and produced by atheists, anti-humanists, or people whose value systems come from Hollywood, the bottom feeding cesspool capital of the world. Atheists believe in no religion, and the show indicates that religion makes things worse. It even implies that religion doesn’t make a difference in human behavior.

If that’s the case, what’s the point of the show? Everyone is better off dead?

Last note: the technology used in Caprica is not new, interesting, or forward looking.

Does this indicate that science fiction writing (from Hollywood) is reaching a creative dead end? I can only think so with even the current President intent on killing NASA off. Sad. Really sad. We’ve lost our collective imagination and based on the content of Caprica, our collective minds.

Update: 3/27/2010

And not only is it bad, the author, screenwriter, and creator of this dreck, being a typical, left wing nutjob, and oversensitive creep, sent me a profanity laced, hate note.

Thanks Ronald, or your creepy, weird, identity stealing fan!

That’s the Hollywood left for you. He acts as though the opinion of little ol’ me matters. 😀

Work on your material, dear Ronald, maybe someone will respect the crap-o-fest you’re able to put together.