Give us all of your tired, hungry and poor – they work hard!

The rallies are not a problem…. There is nothing wrong with illegal aliens demanding instant amnesty and US citizenship.

Illegal aliens have gotten away with so much already, why shouldn’t they demand more? Professional journalists and columnists never question whether they should be here at all, but offer up endless sob stories about disrupted, poor, and broken families, items about all the taxes illegals (supposedly) pay, how diligently and earnestly these (desperate) people work and how much they’ve added to the economy, ad nauseum. A journalist has never met a law breaking poor person they’ve never felt sympathy for, because poverty legitamizes criminal behavior.

It’s not as though illegal aliens broke any laws to get to America, right? So what, if they’ve falsified documents? Not a problem and certainly not a crime, right? So what, if they purchase a car and drive without a license and insurance, it’s not a crime, right? So what, if they use emergency rooms for free health care? So what, if they have children right away to make it harder to be departed?

I certainly don’t have any animosity towards people who “come here for a better life”. Isn’t that what America is all about? What’s the fuss over a few laws? Laws are for tax paying US citizens to obey, for everyone else they are delicate suggestions.

The United Nations often puts out a report that a billion people are poor, starving, diseased, dying young, and living on only one dollar per day. The way I look at it – following the logic of the news media – they should all be marching in their home countries demanding US citizenship too!

If some of our congresspeople could find a way to pander to a billion poor people and obtain more power from it, they would initiate legislation pronto. I know President Bush wouldn’t veto it. He actually said that, “Family values don’t end at the Rio Grande.”

Isn’t he special?

The 10 to 20 million folks who’ve snuck into the country over the past decade will probably get their amnesty bill. It’s not like Congress ever expects anyone to follow the laws they write. Heck, half of them don’t even read the bills they sign on to. And as we all know, whatever federal laws Congress pass they are exempt from.

Oh, what a country!


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A candidate cannot be nuanced

So, the media’s love affair with Senator Obama is over already? That was fast.

A candidate cannot be nuanced – that’s why President Bush was re-elected…

But the truth of Senator Obama’s comments make clear that Senators make lousy Presidents: too much deliberation. Although his responses told me he’d make a better governor of Louisianna than Blanco.

Rehearsed speeches at debates really say very little about how any candidate would respond to a real crisis. Being President is an on-the-job-training experience.

Frankly, I’d like someone who doesn’t pretend to have a solution to every problem in the world, and realizes his job is what the Constitution requests: greet foreign dignitaries, sign ratifiable treaties that don’t impose on US sovereignty, and be Commander-in-Chief (put America first). End of story.


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