The Presidential Inauguration: I Am Inspired

I followed the January 20th Presidential inauguration everywhere: at the US Postal Service Office, at an Italian restaurant that serves very delicious individual-sized vegetable pizzas, on my car radio, and when I got home, clips of the parade on the Internet.

My brother and his wife came up from the south to attend the inauguration (and party). He has friends who live in DC. The last time I visited Washington DC was before 2001. After the attacks, I stayed away. It’s funny, because it is less than three hours away. Well, that will change. I will swing down there in early May, or whenever those Japanese flower trees blossom.

Mrs Obama’s Dresses – Black Women and Bright Colors

I like Mrs Obama’s inaugural dresses. I figured she couldn’t be too cold since she’s from Chicago. Plus, when one has to move around like she did that day I doubt it bothered her too much.

However, I know it had to be a different story for the million plus who stood in place for hours on end. I congratulate them, I would have been through in 30 minutes. I have lots of clothing for that type of weather, but I never wait in the cold for any period of time if I can help it. I get sick too easy.

To me, the purpose of the dresses, and as First Lady, was to stand out. She succeeded. I’m happy she did not pick a dark color. I hope she inspires more black women to wear spicy, bright colors: it looks good on us. Nothing perturbs me more than to see a sista wearing black.

With a friend of mine, when we have someplace to go – that’s the first question I ask: “You are not wearing black, right?” She picks something light and bright in color. Fantastic.

Getting in Shape, Again

I am totally inspired by Mrs Obama’s toned shoulders and arms. Wow.

This year I don’t want to be slim, I want to look slender, shapely, and hot. My clothes are drab: too dark, too many pants, and way too loose and roomy. I’m going to get colors that cheer me up. I want form fitting outfits (again). Time to bust loose and feel good. I hate dressing like I am attending a funeral.

It’s hard to find bright colors up here in the Northeast, maybe I’ll see what I can find if I travel to places that sell clothes. No more tourist t-shirts. I want something that screams sexy lady! to wear.

Not a New Year’s Resolution

I’ve lost track of my weight again: the story of my life. I have to start all over again. I have five weeks before I head south for Mardi Gra, I need to exercise now. I have to get prepared for walking a lot and standing in place.

I don’t write down New Years Resolutions – I keep my pc calendar set, along with a to-do-list reminding myself of what my goals are to stay on track.

I’ve busted out the daily eating dairy again: I write down everything I eat, and when, along with the exercise routine. I also include when I wash or rinse my hair. I also visit a few web sites to check my health stats to make sure I am not overdoing it: such as eating too few or too many calories per day. Based on height and level of activity I follow the recommendation of how much to eat and exercise.


Time for Dresses

I love dresses, but I have a serious problem.

I didn’t realize it could be so hard to find a decent one. Perhaps women no longer like to purchase / wear them? I love the style of this white one (via Lane Bryant).

But I don’t like most of them, because I find few are well made or actually look good on me.

Clothing manufacturers make dress sizes according to a certain shape. For example, 44-38-46 (taken from Lane Bryant) is a standard size 18. I am 44-36-44 (as of this writing – har har har). What dress size and style do I select?

From experience, I select the larger size and depending on the style of the dress, that larger size isn’t happening.

I don’t like black and white patterns or dark colors. I don’t like animal print. I can’t stand the empire waist style (sorta maternity dress).

What do I like? Many years ago I went to Miami and they had some of the funkiest dresses I ever saw. It was love at first sight: bright tropical colors – complete “Hey! look at me!” styles.

There were skirts with multiple folds (like tissues), one side of the skirt higher than the other (front vs back, left vs right), minis with deep V necks and everything that emphasized a womanly shape. Nice.

I went back several times over the years, and I never saw those colorful dresses again. I guess the drab dull colors and boring styles swallowed them up too.

So, to make a long post short: I will buy some dresses, but I plan on making some.

It’s been years since I have done some sewing, but I feel the urge again. And making something for yourself is a most satisfying feeling.