I Like Shopping For Hair Products But

I’m not willing to spend any money on the boutique stuff. There is a great deal of expensive products out there. I notice that companies are really focusing on kinky, curly and dry hair. That’s great that they’re realizing not everyone has oily straight hair.

Once I see that a bottle of magic hair potion, goes for $12-$24.95 at 6-8 ounces, I go, “No way. It’s not happening.” Even if the product promised to make hair grow one inch a month, I still wouldn’t fork over the money.

That Smell

Why do companies believe that hair (or skin care) products should include so much fragrance?

Not everyone wants to smell like melons, apples, oranges or mangoes. (Love the taste of mangoes, I just don’t want to wear them.)

How about a fragrance free sample? Or maybe a separate bottle or packet to add the scent?

I’ve been mixing my own concoctions lately and the blessing is that I can add the scent(s) later. The raw ingredients I put in are basically odorless. There are a lot of products I do like, but after a while that smell be killing!

Samples and Experimenting

I’ve found that what works for me are inexpensive products. I started out looking for cheap items, and found I can stay on the natural bandwagon. Reasonably priced products are not out of reach. I reach for generic items as much as brand name products just to check quality.

At times, there is no difference.

I say this, because I see that in some forums women who think of going natural think they need to spend a lot of money. I’ve even read that being natural is expensive. At first, I find that sentiment hilarious. (Don’t mind me I laugh at inappropriate things.)

I think a woman who’s going natural has to focus on the specific hair problem and seek an inexpensive remedy:

  • If it’s dry, look for moisture.
  • If it’s sticky from product buildup, search for a clarifying product.
  • If it’s hard to comb, find a detangler. In the case of natural hair, several steps to detangle may be required.

Frankly, I wish companies would sell more items in the sample size. I found Garnier Fructis at Wal-Mart, because of the samples.

Maybe I’ll write and ask for a super-rich creamy product – sans the fragrance.