I Wish I Was An Artist: Having a Hobby Would Be Nice

Curiosity and Open Mindedness

A friend called me the other day looking for advice. I’m flattered, and slightly amused by these calls, because the person asking for the advice is older, and has many more college degrees than I do. I know it’s not always an indication of relative common sense, but the degrees she holds aren’t trivial.

I admire her, because she is very intelligent. She’s always curious, and rarely forgets anything. I often wish I had that type of recall. I see our relationship as being one where I’m the one asking for her opinion, because she has such an interesting take on things. Plus she’s managed to stay curious, is willing to pursue hobbies, and even go back to college, or take classes for a certificate, or obtain another advanced degree.

She possesses somethings that are great and wonderful: curiosity and open mindedness. I think it is better to have several interests, hobbies, and explore your curiosity as opposed to ignoring or suppressing it.

I wish I was even half as motivated as her. I feel I have done my time. Although sometimes I feel the call of obtaining another degree. Yet, I cannot tolerate a class longer than 2-6 weeks; I don’t care what the class is about.

I get so jittery, I want to smoke (and I don’t).

My Waning Attention Span

I don’t allow myself to be curious about too many things these days. The reasons why are rather lame, but I use them as my cop-out. I feel hobbies take up too much time. They cost too much money, and ultimately are a frustrating and short lived endeavor. I cannot pursue a hobby, because of my flagging attention span.

I used to be a free wheeling individual when it came to – say – art (painting/drawing) and writing. When I was a kid, I’d just get some water color paint, and commence with painting the walls of my bedroom. How did my folks react? They’d stop by, offer their criticism, or simply admire it. When I got tired of my artwork and I wanted the walls repainted with another of my favorite colors, my father would oblige me and repaint the room.

Yeah, I know, I was something of a Princess growing up.

A New Attitude Required

I cannot focus long enough on my interests anymore. I used to sew: I can make dresses, skirts and blouses, but I don’t have the patience. I used to write. I could finish a book, and I have. However, when it comes time to go back and re-edit, I’m done, I will do no more. I’ve got a ton of finished and nearly completed stories collecting dust. I can’t even muster the interest to finish my last masterpiece of a bookshelf. It’s just sitting there in the dining room, cluttering up space.

I hate clutter.

I’m also turning a blind eye to the news. I don’t follow the release of movies anymore. I don’t plan on seeing any films – in the theaters – this summer. I’ve cut down my evening entertainment to two hours a night, and I plan on cutting it down to one night per week.

I have decided to follow the formula of another friend of mine. She plans most of her weekdays, and every weekend. She makes sure she is always occupied and busy. I’m a last minute kind of person, but I want to follow her example for a period of time, and see if that’s a better way to function. I will plan my entire spring, summer and fall. The free-floating Miss Mellow thing will be gone for a while.

Well, after my pep-talk my friend felt better. She made me think of asking the advice of someone I used to ask for help, but I haven’t done so in years. I think I will now.