Random Thoughts for Today

Real Estate

I would love to purchase my neighbor’s town home. At the rate that the price of the house is dropping…. They’ve moved out, and I fear who will replace them. These folks were nice, quiet, non-smoking, non-nosy, and did not own a damn dog.

Those kind of neighbors are rare.


Almost everyone around here owns a yapping, yelping, barking irritating beady-eyed little mutt. Some days I want to drop kick one of those furry pests, like a football, over a field goal. And they don’t clean up after the little sh*tt@rs either.

Neighbors I Don’t Want to Hear

Now, on the other side of me. I shouldn’t hear them, but I’m like a bat seeking prey at night. When I can’t sleep: I hear everything. It is not good.

One of them likes to play a very loud video game up to 2:30 am. One of them comes home at 1:20 am; another leaves around 4:00 am.

How do I know this? I’d make an excellent witness for the prosecution, or defense. I’m not a busybody, but my hearing makes me one.

I may have to invest in a good pair of ear plugs.

Wonder Woman

Sometimes I’m the most self-confident woman in the world. At other times, I’m a church mouse. I make very few decisions when I’m insecure. I do the same when I’m overconfident. That’s why I take so long to make decisions.

I try to make sure I’m not riding some strange emotional wave when I make up my mind. It’s frustrating.

Cryptic Attention Span

I have no right to be bored. Yet, I suffer from “been there, done that” boredom.

I need to be motivated. I keep trying to give myself something to be excited about. Lots of people are happy doing the same thing, having the same habits – over and over again.

I’m not of them. I’ve had this shifting attention span since I was a child. I thought as an adult it would go away. It hasn’t. I try to work with myself on this: how do I adjust to a changing interest in things?

I try to adapt to new interests, and make sure they don’t bore half-way through. Yet, I’m put off, if I want to get into something new, by the length of time, or money I may have to invest in it.

That’s why I can’t think of going back to school. I contemplated study nursing, or related to the pharmaceutical industry. I even attended seminars. In the back of my mind, a voice screamed: “No, I don’t want to go, you can’t make me!” So I’ve given that up. For now.

Still Seeking

People write or talk about living well, or making big changes. Not everyone can afford to do these things. I am tempted to sell the house (when the market improves) and just travel, or own a house on a couple of acres that runs on solar energy, and grow my own food.

Just a dream. I don’t do it because I can visit with people (family) who live like this, and in three days I’m ready to come back to my suburban life-style.

I’m spoiled rotten.


To Pack It All Up and Move Away

I want to run away from this life.

Right now, more than ever, I’ve this intense urge to sell my crap; junk the stuff cluttering up my life.

Let go of my issues. Just leave.

My problem: I love my home.

It’s the first, and only one, I’ve bought. The neighborhood is s’okay; crime is nearly nonexistent. There’s a steep price to pay for living here: New Jersey is one, if not the most expensive state in the country. It also feels like the most depressing, isolating, and socially stagnant places in the world.

It’s weird how much I miss Brooklyn, when I could not wait to leave that place!

My current home is my comfort zone.

This is where I hide from everyone. I don’t believe I should need someplace that makes me reluctant to let go of. I don’t think it’s healthy. I should be able to adapt to any environment; enjoy myself. At some point, in the future, I know I will move.

My other issue: I wouldn’t know where to go.

I used to want to a second home in Florida. I used to want to work in Nevada. I used to want to return to England. I used to want to find a home in Canada. I used to want to relocate to Australia or New Zealand. I used to want to hang out in Spain. I used to want to chill down in the Bahamas, Barbados, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

I have the “grass is greener” syndrome.

I take this feeling to mean that I need to take a trip. I read about people who backpack around the world. I feel no envy. I’d rather go somewhere, hang out for a couple of days and return to my home.

There are places I’d still like to visit: Australia, Italy, Germany, B.C. Vancouver, the Netherlands, maybe India or Japan. I need to make plans, or I’m going to go crazy.