In Memory of: Big Sista T.G.

We weren’t blood relatives. She walked me to kindergarten every morning. She was my protective shield from older students (from high school no less) who shamelessly and wickedly robbed 5 year olds. She was someone who looked out for me. I don’t have a sister, but during those times, T.G. was one to me.

She passed away 4th of July week. T.G. was only in her mid-forties. She was an unmarried and childless black woman. Her funeral was on the most popular wedding day of the year, July 7, 2007.

I will not say I grew up in a rough neighborhood. Children are nakedly honest; that is how they deal with one another. I think today’s political correctness simply teaches them to be better liars. That’s different than learning how to be polite and being respectful of others. I always dealt with people with the philosophy of “do onto others what you want done to you.”

At a young age, maybe late teens or early twenties, T.G. lost her way. I saw her a few times after her “change.” She was always as I remembered: kind, thoughtful and rich with compliments. I don’t think there was a mean bone in her body. She certainly was never the fighting, brawling, hardcore harridans that occupied the block. Unfortunately, these are the folks that thrive in this society, they adjust to setbacks and disappointments better than others.

I don’t know why God took her so early, perhaps to end her suffering. I figured she died of a broken heart. She wasn’t the only one from the block who’s now resting in peace. I pray for all of them.