Indoor / Outdoor Gardening

I had my backyard paved / bricked over last year. I couldn’t take it anymore. It was killing me to mow that little plot, anything that grew was quickly overtaken by the weeds. I won’t even go into the swamp effect I was getting with poor drainage.

I have much respect for weeds, they are like roaches. Long after we are gone, they’ll still be here.

Indoor Gardening

I want flowers and food bearing plants around me. Yet, I have complications: a cat. The little devil likes to dig up big pots with soil, and chew on the plants that look like grass. Over the years, my houseplants have been going dwindling.

I love having a lot of plants.

So I’ve decided to change my ways and get back to enjoying my brownish-green thumb. There have been lovely advances in taking care of plants, plus lots of practical advice I’ve forgotten.

The biggest problem I’ve with plants is me: I forget to water and give ’em food. I neglect the things.

I’ve found remedies from YouTube (of all places): using old water bottles to drip / wick the plants. Takes one or two nylon / cotton strings, bury one end deep into the pot and the other end goes into the bottle to the bottom.

So far it’s been working like a charm. I’ll see how it goes in a few months.

Outdoor Gardening

The same problem with watering plants indoors, I have with outdoors. I have four large pots with perennials, and so far three are are dead after a short, brief flowering. They used to bloom beautifully, but then again, I used to water them often.

I have to replace them and add more pots, especially self watering. If I can keep the seeds on hand, I will buy them now, then get ready for next Spring and Summer. I want strategic flowering to happen all the way from May up to and including early October.

They have to be hardy too, I wont always remember to water them.

I want to grow herbs and a couple of peppers. I have to see if I have enough time left.

Why grow some food?

I love tomatoes and peppers, that salmonella scare was enough for me.


Health Issue: Salt, Sodium and Exercise

During the winter I watch what I eat, yet I rarely exercise. I stop around the time I need to see a doctor regarding respiratory or bronchial problems. I was rather good at keeping my weight down. Yet, come Spring it jumps up a bit.

I’ve been walking since February, but haven’t made much headway. Daily, or every other day, I strive to walk 1 hour and 45 minutes. I don’t walk for speed. I walk for distance.

As of late, I’ve been ingesting too much salt.

It’s because I love soup. It’s a great meal to me. I know exactly how many calories I’ve eaten. However, according to nutritionists I’ve read, soup is one of the worse foods to eat. It is high in sodium.

Reluctantly, I have to find another warm food substitute. I can’t stand a lot of cold foods, and most “healthy” meals seem to be.

I try to drink a lot of water. Although I know I could never drink enough water, depleted by daily walks, to replenish fluids, or dilute sodium levels.

Salt intake should not exceed 1,500 milligrams a day.

Salt is everywhere. It’s in carbonated water. It’s in seasonings. It’s in my low fat fake milk, which also has a ton of sugar. It’s in my oatmeal. I wonder if Sea Salt makes a difference? Is vinegar acceptable? Oh well. Gotta research that. I’ll write about Sea Salt later.

I have an incredible craving and taste for acidic, salty, bitter and spicy foods. If I have any craving for sugar at all I just know I’m hungry. With the cravings for salt I’m not even sure what that means.

I can’t play around with my health regarding this issue. High blood pressure runs in my family.

My remedy for this situation? Keep track of the salt, and drink more water. Overall, my goal is to get fit, then skinny without being rash, drastic, or harsh.


Weight Loss: More Water

Whenever the digital scale starts creeping up – I drink more water. I do this to make it easier for me to lose weight.

By the way, the digital scale is a remarkable thing! I love its accuracy. On the older models, it looks like one has gained a pound overnight. Not so! You get to see down to ounce (or kilograms) how much food is still sitting in your body.

It may seem that drinking water would make one heavier the next day, but let’s look at it this way: the body needs help eliminating wastes.

I maintain a relatively flat stomach this way. The best advice I read was that your urine should be clear, not thick and almost syrupy.

I drink a few glasses of water before I begin to eat. I’m less hungry when I do this and feel full sooner.

We are made up of a lot of water, over 90%. Make sure the body is getting all the liquids it needs.