Lately, people have been calling me skinny

It’s a weird comment to hear, especially coming from one of the office whales. You know, like if you think I am skinny, what does that make you?

And she sounded exasperated, like how dare I appear so small – at least in her eyes, because I don’t see it. I was told by someone else – who I really regard as “in shape” that my waist appears “tiny”. While I admire the bodies of Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield or Jane Russell, I don’t imagine I look anywhere near those figures.

Somehow this was the year I got my eating under control, but I walk no more than 25 to 50 minutes daily. If time and the weather allows. I really miss weight lifting.

And by the way, my waist is 28 inches, I have to measure my top and bottom again. I haven’t done that in a while. I am aiming for 36 – 26 – 36, if that’s possible. Back in the good ol’ says, those were my measurements.

I eat apples for breakfast, apparently they are natural appetite suppressors. I also eat very few sugary foods, bread, rice and I stick to meat, veggies and fruit that don’t give me gas (LOL) or make me hungry. I confess I like salty and spicy foods. I drink a couple glasses of water when I think I’ve overdone it.




See? No big deal. And I love big belts.

What’s on your mind?

Update: another belt I love.


Health and Exercise

After having fallen off the (exercise) wagon several times, I’ve climbed back onto the horse. (See how good I am with mixing metaphors?)

I don’t read the news, which is hard for this news junkie to do. And yet, I feel way better than I used to. I think during the winter when cabin fever starts there’s nothing to do, but read, eat, and sleep. I have a treadmill and weights, but it’s hard being motivated at home.

I joined a health club. Knowing myself, I have to go early every morning. If I don’t, I’ll never go back. By the way, this place is awesome. It has a separate exercise room for women (for those of us who feel shy). I told the sales guy, “I’m sold”, when he showed me that room. Some days I know I don’t want an audience.

The funniest question(s) I received, “Why did you join? What motivated you to join?”

I said, “Lose weight.” Um, what other reason could there be?

My reasons are bundled together. I know I don’t want diabetes. I want my knees to stay in good condition. I owe it to my heart. I’m vain enough to want to look good (okay that is reason number 1). I want my energy back, and exercise gets you happy-happy-high.

The guy(s) kept prodding me like my doctor sent me over or something. Thankfully, and knock wood, I don’t have any health conditions. My number one goal is to make sure I don’t cause any of the self-inflicted kind.

And what’s my weight loss goal? I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

Here’s an easy way to guess: based on my slow weight loss methods, it will take me six months to drop it all. And it’s not 60 to 100 lbs plus.


Health Clubs: Why I Hate Them

I have joined a number of health clubs over the years. Like anything that I’ve used out of necessity (at the given time), I’ve grown to hate these places.

What’s my beef with them? I expect service and cleanliness, yet I realize I want too much. That’s a common theme with almost everything for me: I pay more, I still receive less.

1. Too expensive – I’d like a pay-as-you-go place. Haven’t found one yet. I know as a business model it wouldn’t work for most health clubs, but I’m sure they can think of something innovative to make it work.

2. Filthy – I have borderline germaphobia. After I wash my hands in the ladies restroom, I take fresh paper and use it to open the doors. I even grab the paper first before I wash my hands. I use the paper towel to turn on / off the faucet.

I loathed using the health clubs’ showers. I examine the tiles and remember every stain. I can tell you: they NEVER clean these places. Don’t even get me started describing my nausea when my bare feet touches the floor.

3. Those “strange” women – Look, your lifestyle is your lifestyle. Not everyone goes to the gym for same sex hookups. Take that nonsense somewhere else, like those bars or clubs catering to your special needs.

4. Chatterboxes – I understand, some people go to health clubs to widen their social circle, make new friends, network, etc. I’m not one of them. I am downright anti-social. It’s bad enough the place makes my skin crawl, staying longer than necessary to talk doesn’t work for me.

5. Sweaty Exercise Machines – Yeah, we see the posted signs about wiping up after yourself. How different is a health club from a toilet? Does anyone every really clean up after oneself in the public restrooms? (I have my doubts that they are scrupulously clean at home either.)

6. Snotty Bitch Staff – What is this place? An exclusive upscale restaurant or someplace where I drop a few ounces of sweat, wash my ass, and then leave? So what’s with the attitude? This place costs a lot of money and you aren’t going to be here in 3 months, so watch the attitude!

7. Grunting Man – You know this clown. He comes in, arms akimbo, with belted waist, does some posturing and flexing before the mirrors before heading over to the weights.

What’s the first thing he does? Bends down, does a clean snatch and jerk making the most disturbing grunts and yowls you’ve heard since you last went to the zoo. What creature is making that noise? The missing link?

8. Commentators / Judges – Do they exercise or is it their job to note your progress? Do they have a life or is it spent all day in the health club? Do they ever exercise? They spend so much time watching others, and talking about them that’ve forgotten the purpose of the health club: exercise.

9. It’s Hard to End the Membership – Finally, you understand why the contract is so long, so convoluted, and they insist on an automatic payment plan.

10. Someone is always on your favorite machine – That quick workout is never quick, because there’s always someone on your favorite machine. She’s taking her sweet time about it. No quick reps with this one, she’s going to be there for a while. Frankly, that’s how it is with all the weight machines, everyone likes them.

The health club is empty during working hours, and crowded during the “off” hours.

Although I hate them, I still may join one. They have the machinery I don’t. I need a complete and thorough workout routine with the weights – no matter the wait.

It would be nice if I could create my own custom workout and payment plan with a nearby health club.


Weight Lifting: All and Everything

I used to love watching the World’s Strongest Man competition. I haven’t googled it yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised by a World’s Strongest Woman competition.

Shouldn’t every woman in the world qualify?

I have always loved weight lifting. I got hooked on it in High School, but I wont say that was something I did through thick and thin. When the opportunity was there, I would join a health club, or use a school’s facilities to lift weights. I can’t stand health clubs, but that’s another topic.

I don’t know how strong I am, or how strong I was.

I remember when I moved into my first apartment. My Dad looked at the re-arranged furniture and asked me who helped.

I said, “No one.” He was aghast. He said that if I have to move heavy stuff around ask him to help out.

I heard him, but I wasn’t bothered, because I didn’t have any problems moving around heavy objects. I still don’t. I can haul a sofa around with one arm. I never get a sore back or injuries from it. I’ve found it to be a challenge that I can manage.

A few years back a guy I was seeing was getting on my nerves. He was 5’8″ and weighed between 150-175 lbs. In a humorous mood I picked him up a few times. I suggested he gain some weight.

Currently, I have the weight bench on the top, but I drool over having the one on the bottom someday. I want the full workout weight bench.